Al Bundy: Facts and sayings from the nightmare of all wives

Al Bundy - who does not know the nasty and hilarious father and husband from "Married with Children" has really missed something. With his actions and sayings it exceeds every episode of the US series the boundaries of good taste and provides our funny bone facing challenges. We have compiled the most fun facts and sayings of Al Bundy for you. With them you can provide amusement for example via WhatsApp, Facebook and co.

Al Bundy

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Al Bundy: funny details to Head

  • Al Bundy was a football hero at his school. In one game, he reached four touchdowns what he called greatest act of his life.
  • He has N.O. the organization M.A.A.M. ( "National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood"; German: "National Organization of Men Against Amazon exercise of power") launched and is its chairman. The aim of the organization is to fight emancipated women.
  • Each young man he gives the following advice for the journey: "Marry never!" The reasons are his constant fear of having sex with his wife Peggy, and his fear of visiting his mother in law.
  • Al is a salesman in a store for women's shoes. In its audits to the firefighter and garbage man, he has failed. The business gives him, however, the possibility of its enormous disgust for women to give overweight expression (see some of the following spells).
  • he probably would have prevented or can at least delay his marriage to Peggy. When he proposed to her, he was not master of his senses when he was drunk.
  • Al can be considered "Show Bill Cosby" as an alternative to always correct and balanced patriarch of. This is probably why wearing "Married with Children" the working title "Not the Cosby".
  • The abbreviation "Al" stands for "Alphonse" or "Albert". In one episode, the librarian of his former primary school "Alphonse" calls him. In the English original Peggy addresses him as "Albert".
  • Due to his frequent evils Al is not particularly popular in his surroundings. When they mistakenly believed that he had died, his neighbors have a hard rise and sing the "Song Ding Dong, The Shoe Man&# 8217; s Dead ".

Al Bundy Facts

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Al Bundy: Spells - Best-of

  • Many people have to live with their disappointment. But I have to sleep with me.
  • Let serve you our children than teaching, Peg. It can get out of anything good during sex!
  • that was not ah, so brave, Bud. Anyone else with the same contempt for death could have been your mother married!
  • Dear God, let me fall asleep before Peg thinks about sex.
  • I'm the only guy in the world who has to wake up only to have a nightmare.
  • Insurance is like marriage: You pay and pay, but you get nothing back.
  • My driver's license has expired? Why can not run a marriage certificate?
  • Sometimes I think we are not a family, but a biological experiment.
  • I now have a week off. Peg, please pack your bags, forget the children do not and see you next week.
  • The home of a man is his coffin.
  • Just as the human eye has to get used to the light when it comes out of the dark, the eye of a man has to get used again to his wife when he comes out of the Nacktbar.
  • Did you perhaps wondered why my house is shaking like this. Peg's relatives are in town. Six of them. Twelve, the mother counted.
  • Today, a woman came into the shoe store that was so fat that three smaller women circled in orbit around them.
  • Today, a fat woman came to me in the shoe store and asked them what they could carry in the forest. I replied: "A sign where it says: Please do not shoot from the front I look like a human being '"
  • The moon is full and I was already thirsty.
  • Please Peg, if you still have feelings for me, do not kill me to sleep with you!
  • Al: "How could I disappoint these armen Damen, Peg?"
  • Peg: "By you sleep with them."
  • If we'd peg in hell, you were sitting on the throne and the devil would pack!
  • Of course I know what might cheer me yet, Peg. But I do not think you're going to leave me!
  • We make a common Christmas gift, Peg. I buy me a gun, and you get the ball!

Al Bundy Proverbs

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