Hardcore: A first person shooter as a film – does it work?

Hardcore, the original Hardcore Henry, is available today in the cinema and makes you a ton of experience action sequences from a first person perspective. That's about the same as you would experience a first-person shooter in the cinema. We answer in our article, if that's at all pleasant to look at and whether there is more to the images as a fiery experiment.

1948Hardcore - trailer for the FPS film

Films where one would like to sit in the front row of the cinema extraordinary, there are rather rare. Hardcore is an exception: The film was from the perspective of the main&# 8221; Starring&# 8221; Henry filmed; it would look the events completely out of his eyes. &# 8220; sit Closer&# 8221; can therefore in with quite &more immersion; # 8220&# 8221; to be translated. The less cinema hall in view emerges, the better - I thought to myself when I could watch the action movie last week.

Although the idea of ​​making a film from a first person perspective, is not so new, I felt the concept and approach around the Cyborg Henry, which is looking for its own identity, exciting enough to me again to move from my cozy Netflix sofa in a human-filled cinema. but after 96 minutes Action, I was not so convinced, if that was really the best idea of ​​the day.

Hardcore_02Hardcore is completely filmed from a first person perspective of Henry.

My impression tinkers together from across many different aspects that quite unsatisfied me in its entirety &# 8211; and with a sick feeling in the stomach &# 8211; left behind:

First-person view:

Many of us these days dream of virtual reality and other things from the first-person perspective. In this case, but will like to forget that our brain is far from accustomed to the situation in which our visual field constantly moves while the body is stuck in the chair.

That is why we are at VR often quite fast bad; and therefore it is also much too strenuous, more than 90 minutes of film to look at the camera shakes, rolls over and never stopped. With my personal attention was just closing no later than after 20 minutes. After that I could just keep my focus on hardcore, as I have made an effort firmly. And that does not fit necessarily in my understanding of a relaxing or fun-filled visit to the cinema.

The story:

It's just, unfortunately, not that the story of hardcore help on the visual difficulties of time. Instead, the plot occurs around Henry's search for identity and the Protect his wife, who passed him at the start of the film back to life over the entire term in favor of the action sequences in the background.

Instead of focusing on action, Hardcore could get out of the dialogues with Akan and his psycho-terror far more.Instead of focusing on action, Hardcore could get out of the dialogues with Akan and much too pale lasting psycho-terror approach far more.

Of course, I did not expect anything else; but you will probably must still hope that it can also be different. A few places - for example, those in which Henry meets the antagonist Akan &# 8211; indicate a direction that hardcore had been good, only to completely turn away shortly after it and to drive the tour that the film as a consequence and its twist-end to pale leaves.

The Action:

And then there's the action: chases, killings and shootings. The stuff, which is expected in hardcore most, and which the film the &# 8220; first-person shooter feeling&# 8221; should be. Only the action is never turned so convincing that remains for me are open to the mouth.

When something is burned, then, I see too that the CGI is. When Henry hiding under a car from his pursuers and loud gasps in the theater speakers, I know that was helped along here artificial tension to create. Even if the next film is obviously not a real comparison&# 8230; But since Mad Max I know how Action must look; and I find it totally as a consequence difficult to be content with scenes in terms of Staging and wit comparatively to calculate are.

The action of hardcore's finest B-movie trash.The action of hardcore's finest B-movie trash.

My conclusion to Hardcore:

go for hardcore to the movies or not - that is the question. And frankly, there is not such a clear answer on it, how can expect my review. Hardcore that would be a highly polished action flick, I was finally already clear.

The film manages, however, in his style and narrative finest B-movie trash to be the one can give on a boring weekend certainly times - whether in the first movie series or sometime at home right in front of their own telly. Assuming you can start something with experiments, and do not be put off by the busy ego camera movements you.

For while even an uninteresting plot, mediocre action and uncomfortable to be regarded actor could be a big trash fun, it's far less fun to have reiern in a bucket after 96 minutes before dizziness and effort.


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