Vodafone Protect: registration, costs, features and more

With Vodafone Protect the mobile operator sends out its anti-virus software to free smartphones from Trojans, viruses and more. Here you can find all the info for. As to the cost of Vodafone Protect. In addition, you learn what you can do to uninstall Vodafone Protect.

Vodafone Protect: registration, costs, features and more

To use Vodafone Protect, the free app from the Google Play store is needed. With the safety features can be u. a .:

  • locate Smartphone
  • let phone lock remotely
  • delete data
  • virus protection
  • block unwanted calls
  • block dangerous websites
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Behind Vodafone Protect the company McAfee, which has made its security software a name in the computer scene infected.

  • McAfee Labs Stinger Download

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Vodafone Protect: Costs and Services

all learn here of any costs incurred for Vodafone Protect. The first point to say that Vodafone Protect can be used by customers of the Mobilfunkaneters. you can log in with the My Vodafone access data and make adjustments on the Protect website. Free Vodafone Protect is for customers with a Red- and black-tariff. All other pay a monthly base price of 1.99 €. Basic functions such as cell phone tracking and data deletion are available to all users for free. The premium features include inter alia .:

  • Web protection against spyware, adware and spam
  • Privacy protection
  • SMS Filter and Call Filter

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Vodafone Protect locks phone: What to do?

In some cases it is possible that cell phone by Vodafone Protect you will be blocked. Unlock the smartphone can only be reactivated by entering a PIN. This will get her first you a contact with the Vodafone support. can be caused to lock Protect z. As if one has to get used unit bzw- a loan and the owner has also used Vodafone Protect. The Protect database matches the number of the former owner from the smart phone IMEI. In conflicts Vodafone Protect can lock the device. Vodafone Protect lock is active, also when a PIN is entered too many wrong. To unlock their following data to the Vodafone support must indicate:

  • Vodafone phone number
  • customer password
  • IMEI (read this: Show IMEI number: Find it&# 8217; s)
  • Description, whereby the phone has been locked.

The Vodafone Hotline reaches its free on 0800 - 172 12 12. Further information on the costs and capabilities of Vodafone Protect there in the attached PDF.

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terminate and delete Vodafone Protect

New customers receive a free trial phase for Vodafone Connect normally. Usually this ends automatically without the need to terminate her the test phase specifically. However, more detailed information should be gathered from the contract documents. Do you want to cancel the paid subscription from Vodafone Protect, you can do via the online portal so. Should resign from Vodafone Protect does not work, you can write to the Vodafone customer support her your problem through the contact form.

Do you want to delete Vodafone Protect, you go as follows:

  1. Open phone settings
  2. "Safety"
  3. call "Device administrators"
  4. Select and deselect Vodafone Protect
  5. Enter Protect PIN
  6. close App
  7. How To Uninstall any normal app from your smartphone

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Should you a smartphone with branding owns and Vodafone Protect app to be pre-installed, the smartphone needs to be rooted.

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