Gymondo: costs, prices and demand from online fitness at a glance

Gymondo is a Web portal that gives you access to an extensive fitness training online in their own homes. Looking for a workout for the home Gymondo belongs beside NewMoove and Freeletics the first places on the Web. Here you will find an overview of the costs and Gymondo the program.

Gymondo: costs, prices and demand from online fitness at a glance

To access the Gymondo fitness program you have to pay a monthly fee. The first seven days can you online fitness program at Gymondo free trial.

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These are the Gymondo costs

The cost Gymondo is well below the monthly rates that you have to pay for the gym. Of course you have here gets no access to sporting equipment, but with the Gymondo program you can bring even without additional acquisitions to speed your body.

The Gymondo costs at a glance:

  • € 8.99 per month (monthly)
  • € 6.99 per month for 6 months (41.94 € one-time payment)
  • € 4.99 per month for 12 months (59.88 € one-time payment)
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Accordingly, the online fitness provider has a program on offer. The price of the program depends on the length of the booked period of you. Bay it the longest possible period of one year, paid her once 59,88 €. Converted the Gymondo costs here are therefore at 4.99 € per month. Those who want to attend only a month online training, and will deduct the fee monthly, paid € 8.99.


Gymondo: costs, prices and demand from online fitness at a glance

A denunciation from the Gymondo subscription automatically renewed for the previously booked period. The deadlines for termination are in accordance with the booked period at:

  • 1 Month: 2 days before the end of contract
  • 6 months: 14 days before the expiry date
  • 12 months: 28 days before the expiry dateshutterstock_216960988

For details on the completion of the subscription can be found here: terminate Gymondo &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s online and by mail template

The free trial period you can cancel at any time. With the Gymondo SUBSCRIPTION her your individually tailored exercise program can perform at home. You gain access to videos of various endurance. Cardio, yoga and other fitness classes. In addition, you get a coach at your side, leads you through the courses. The goal of training and the training time can you go to the gym conveniently divided at home you independent of opening times and journeys.

An alternative to Gymondo is NewMoove. Even these health service can try it free for a week. Do you want to spend money and keep your body still in front of the screen shot, take a look at the Plank Challenge on Facebook.

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