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With the MHS Transfer download you get a transfer form for PC and transfers can fill out on the computer and print them.

Users who understand the use of online banking is not safe and still swear by filling out transfer forms on paper, find the MHS Transfer Download the appropriate application for the personal computer. With this tool, you can fill in common A4 transfer forms quickly and easily on the screen and bring on paper or printed.

MHS Transfer Download: fill deposits directly on the PC and print

Using the built-in function can be checked directly whether an entered account number is valid. In MHS Transfer download many different forms of money transfer forms for editing and printing are available. So you can with the application fill SEPA credit transfers or transfers to EU standards. Donations carrier can be created with the application for customization. Those who want to easily create a direct debit from the keyboard, can do so on the functions of the program. Recurring transfer receiver can be collected in a database. Their own accounts may in the archived database become. To keep track of already created transfers, you can display all already made printouts with the MHS Transfer download with one click.

fill transfers and print directly on the PC with MHS Transfer

Preprinted transfer forms for download: Alternative to Online Banking with database functionality

If you want to know about banks the corresponding bank, the program helps one also on. After entering the BLZ this is broken out. One learns to which location reference the first three digits of the bank code, to which the banking group associated behind the BLZ Bank is and what bank the number is assigned according to the database. The tedious search, or the tedious retyping the BIC (Business Identifier Code) is created with the MHS Transfer download from the world. In an extensive database to find the BIC codes for numerous banks and financial institutions. Even the calculator replaces the MHS Transfer software if one needs percent bills for being created transfer. If the term of the credit transfer as desired lands on the paper, helping a built-in self diagnostics for troubleshooting.

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