make zombie images yourself: How online for free with app (Android and iPhone)

Long before The Walking Dead Zombies are an integral part of pop culture. The first "real" appearance of a zombie in a movie, there were already 1932 in White Zombie. If you want your friends to scare, is seeking a creepy avatar or want Beautify your Facebook profile, you can do it yourself you zombie images.

make zombie images yourself: How online for free with app (Android and iPhone)Source: Esteban Ros

For their own zombie image you need an expensive make-up and also do not have to put hours in front of the mirror to reshape your faces for the photo you. Rather, there are imNetz and per App some point, with which you can do by yourself your zombie images.

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Zombie Pictures selbermachen with app

Quickly and easily you can transform you into an undead using the Dead Yourself app. Dead Yourself is a companion app for the series "The Walking Dead" and allows you to be at least visually itself a part of the Horde. The download of Dead Yourself is free.


  1. The app to create the zombie pictures are free for iPhone and Android.
  2. To create the app your own zombie image itself, you can take a new photo or choose already existing photos from your phone memory.
  3. Once the image charged, you can insert their individual elements of zombies in your face.
  4. So you can add you rotten eyes or put an open, nasty teeth in the mouth.
  5. Even with scars and other disgusting zombie elements can "beautify" your faces.
  6. For a harmonious end-time atmosphere you placed an ax in your shoulders or puts you behind bars.
  7. The finished zombie image can save you or directly from Facebook, Twitter and share in the Biter gallery.
  8. In the Biter gallery other zombies can choose the most terrible and coolest photos.
The Walking Dead Dead YourselfdownloadQR codeThe Walking Dead Dead YourselfDeveloper: AMCPrice: Free The Walking Dead: Dead YourselfdownloadQR codeThe Walking Dead: Dead YourselfDeveloper: AMC Network Entertainment LLC *Price: Free

Online zombie images selbermachen with generator

Who does not want to download an app in addition, can also use a online zombie image builder for free. Such a generator takes her for. B. at ZombieMe. Here, too, you can upload and then equip it with various zombie effects an image of the hard drive. The image can be up to 800px wide and 500px high. The elements for the zombie appearance include bloody eyes open scars, sharp axes and more. The finished zombie picture can you download to your hard drive and save, send by mail or share on Facebook and Co. with your friends.

Zombie generator online*


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