Snipperclips in review: The best advertisement for Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game is the big seller on Nintendo switch, but proves currently no other game better than Snipperclips: Along one performs best where the great potential of the new Nintendo console is.

1939Snipperclips: Release Trailer

At the press event for Nintendo switch end of January there was a whisper among journalists: There was a very special gaming station, a small table in the back corner of the location where the journalists present can get a taste in an innovative title, with an original idea convinced. The word of mouth worked: For many, the multiplayer game developed into the dark horses of the event, since it - unlike a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game - just surprised inconspicuously and without great advertising only with its gameplay.

This indie games are for Nintendo Switch

This was about Snipperclips: Together you with best result, already completely convinced me at the first short Preview. With the release of the Nintendo switch I now had the opportunity to dedicate the game a little more time and find out whether it is just to entertaining fun or whether it can also entertain in the longer term.

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Snipperclips - The ultimate local multiplayer game

In Snipperclips you take on the role of a humanoid Papierschnippsels. One to four of these different colored snippets puzzle through increasingly complex levels in which at least one brainteaser must always be solved. The challenge is, inter alia, that there are no instructions for each puzzle. It's up to you and your fellow players to find a way. The two Papierschnippsel have it the ability to cut out parts of their counterparties. This lets you create all sorts of shapes to solve each puzzle. The puzzles you have to bring, bring balloons to burst or push a pencil in a sharpener balls into a hole.


Although you can Snipperclips also play alone, but the developers have clearly designed the game as a multiplayer game. Alone you jump again and again between the two characters back and forth to position them both so that you can solve the puzzle. However, the particular charm lies in the cooperation between the players. I have rarely played a multiplayer game where I had to communicate as much with my teammates.

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With each attempt a new experience

While there is Snipperclips not much content, but the game offers extremely large replay value. So far there are only 45 levels in the main game and a party mode and a couple of mini games. you should have played all the levels again in less than ten hours. That does not sound like overly much, but convinced the game, especially in that it can be played again and again, as I have with each attempt a different approach to a level. I played the demo on the Nintendo event with another colleague than with my test and it was quite remarkable how differently develop the dynamics between different people. In almost every level that I played through a second time, I came up with another way to target just because I cooperated with another person.

Snipperclips &# 8211; The perfect reason to buy Nintendo Switch

37683Nintendo Switch - Everything about the console

It is true that The Legend of Zelda: Breath is of the Wild probably the biggest reason to buy Nintendo switch. But he is not - is represented as so often - to order the console hybrids the only reason. With its simple gameplay, easy control and great multiplayer Snipperclips proves namely, where is the great potential of Nintendo switch.

So Nintendo Switch fared in our test

I can well imagine that I turn on the game every time I get visitors to solve with up to four players on the TV mystery. but above all thanks to the simple control I can also imagine to play the multiplayer game with a friend in the park or in a bar. With its 20 euros it is the game worth it to stand in every Nintendo switch collection.


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