LG Support: telephone hotline, chat, email & amp; Repair Contact (Germany)

LG provides both technology devices such as smartphones and PC peripherals ago and household and kitchen appliances. If you have questions or issues, you can reach the LG support via telephone hotline, e-mail or chat. We also clarify whether you still have warranty on your device.

The hotline for the LG support is: 01806 115411. but you can also get in touch by e-mail or chat. The phone number for business customers and the guarantee table and repair status inquiry you see below.

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LG Support in Germany

If you have questions or problems with LG products in Germany have you can reach the support as follows. For chat or e-mail contact you must sign up to you, if necessary with your LG account. Look before passing in the FAQ. There, your problem is probably already solved.

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Telephone hotline & E-mail for consumer

For consumer devices, smart phones, monitors, CD drives, refrigerators, TV, stereo, washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and Beamer:

01806 115411

  • Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 &# 8211; 20:00; Saturday: 10:00 &# 8211; 16:00
  • Costs: EUR 0.20 per call from the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom AG. Mobile max. 0.60 EUR per call.
  • E-mail: Fill this contact form * to send an e-mail to LG.

For Commercial TVs and information displays you choose instead:

  • Phone: 01806-807020
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 &# 8211; 17:30

Telephone hotline & E-mail for business customers

Information displays, hotel TVs and projectors:

  • Phone: 01806-807020
  • Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 &# 8211; 17:30
  • E-mail: [email protected]


You can chat with an LG employee to resolve problems or product issues.

  • Opens this LG website * and click Start button chat.
  • Office hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 &# 8211; 17:30


Can you post LG reached at the following address:

LG Electronics Germany GmbH
Berliner Straße 93
40880 Ratingen


This link * can you reach the FAQ page from LG. Selects where your product category and search for your device. There you will find very probably the solution to a problem when this has occurred in many other end-users.

guarantee & spare Parts

Depending on to which LG product that you want, apply the following guarantee. For more information about LG warranty can be found on this website *.

Product Typewarranty period
1) accessories, are excluded those in item 2) and 3)24 months (2 years)
2) Batteries, Chargers, table stations, headsets and cables6 months
3) medium (CD-ROM, and storage devices)3 months
4) Lamp (projector lamps, etc.)1000 hours, BUT
Max. 6 months from marketing through the dealer

spare Parts be found in the relevant spare parts shop *. are the contact details for this purpose:

Request repair status

If you your LG device have already been given by the manufacturer for repair, you can check the status here *. Get in touch with your LG to account and give the serial number of your machine when you are asked for it.

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hold serial number and product name ready for LG Support

Since LG has a broad product range, the support has the exact Product name know to which you have questions or problems. so keep it ready, just like the serial number, if available. You can find them usually on the packaging or on the technical device itself.

Otherwise LG you may require the following information from you to help fast:

  • The product name and product number (serial number)
  • Problem Description
  • Your phone number
  • your address


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