The Gifted: New X-Men series gets first trailer

"The Gifted" is for "Legion" this year even the second Fensehserie playing in the X-Men movie universe. The first trailer is now deeper insights into the new series from Matt Nix (Burn Notice, APB) and Bryan Singer (X-Men film series, House MD). All the news, facts and rumors about "The Gifted" Slaffel 1 we summarize here for you.

Like the other X-Men films and series include "The Gifted" is not the great overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Instead, the series of 20th Century Fox and Marvel Television with the "X-Men" film series, "Dead Pool," "New Mutants" and "Legion" joins into his own X-Men movie universe.

742The Gifted Trailer (FOX)

The Gifted Season 1 - action

In "The Gifted" you will get to know the perspective of Strucker family endeckt that their children have mutant powers. Since the government does not accept mutants still, the family is forced to flee. Shelter they found in an underground network of mutants. The siblings Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) must now learn to deal with their abilities to survive.

As can be seen the trailer, the mutants is not clear whether there is still the X-Men. (Jamie Chung) and Polaris with Blink (Emma Dumont) but two X-Men characters are already known, which are also found in "The Gifted".

Jamie Chung as Blink // Source: FOX / MarvelJamie Chung as Blink // © FOX / Marvel

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The Gifted &# 8211; Start Date

An exact launch date has not yet been named to the new "X-Men series," the US channel FOX, but to "The Gifted" yet to start in autumn 2017 on US television. When 20th Century Fox moves similar to the series, as should also be seen in Germany shortly after the US broadcast the pay-TV channel FOX Channel Germany with "Legion" episodes of "The Gifted".

Are you looking forward already to "The Gifted" or entertains you still doubt about the series concept? Whether the sibling pairs will meet the great X-Men franchise, we will see endültig until the autumn. Leave us your first impressions in the comments.

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