By poison bait radar, poison bait and Atlas App poison bait, find, and protect animals

Tierquäler prepare bait sausage with broken glass, fish hook or rat poison and lay their deadly &# 8220; Leckerlis&# 8221; on popular routes for dog owners out. Those who want to protect their four-legged friends for a walk in front of dog haters, get through websites and Apps growing evidence of suspected hazardous areas. What services are there to protect the dog from poison baits, you read the following guide.

A walk can represent for the man's best friend is a danger not only poisonous plants or cadaver vice perfect by venomous animals such as rats or pigeons can be dangerous. Even poison bait lure dogs in deadly traps. In addition, children who pick up the bait, injured by blades or the like can, because they are not in front of the &# 8220; treat&# 8221; protected. But a muzzle for dogs really protect the animal from people who put the poison bait the only solution?

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Poison bait Radar: app and website

Who can check current police reports in Berlin, Tuttlingen and other areas not permanent, warn the dog owners before rat poison and similar substances, thanks to websites and apps has more options. The poison bait Radar GmbH informs dog owners about dangerous areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Dog owners can optionally

  • on the website,
  • on the official Facebook site,
  • or by free apps Android inform (version 4.0.3), iOS (from 8.0).

Poison bait RadardownloadQR codePoison bait RadarDeveloper: poison bait Radar GmbHPrice: Free The app was not found in the store.

You can you inform localities of poison bait - the operators let you poison bait radar all reported Locations verified by veterinary offices, veterinarians or police departments - and Report poison bait itself. On a map or a list is displayed which bait was where found. In the description stands, whether it is, for example, dealing with ground beef or sausage with rat poison or razor blades.

Users can select in categories, such as &# 8220; venom / poisonings&# 8221; or &# 8220; objects / items&# 8221 ;. Weaknesses of the app be to receive push notifications only with Pro version and the frequent advertising.

The app was not found in the store.

Poison bait Atlas: The poison bait radar for Berlin

Since April 2015, there is the initiative &A poison bait alarm; # 8220&# 8221; on Twitter and Facebook, which warns in the Berlin area before baits. Since August of information order and veterinary offices and the police are bundled on the website of the poison bait Atlas. Dog owners can report poison bait and inform. Pet owners can select the desired district as Pankow or Treptow-Koepenick on the map and then receive information on poison bait finds of the last 14 days.

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Do you want to go for a walk in the self-report a poison bait, the website also provides that opportunity. If you find a poison bait, should preferably send in photos and prove that a criminal complaint was filed. Both were technically not yet implemented. Still, date and location can be entered, your own e-mail address and address are required fields. The finds are eliminated by the appropriate district office.

Poison bait Radar

Poison bait: So you protect your four-legged friends

1. Special training: Eat nothing that the dog finds the walk, remain seated until the permission of master or mistress

2. Keep your Dog at a glance.

Third Employed the animal so that it is not distracted.

4th avoids localities of poison baits.

5. Even while walking Gassi Treats*By poison bait radar, poison bait and Atlas App poison bait, find, and protect animals give.

6th muzzle *By poison bait radar, poison bait and Atlas App poison bait, find, and protect animalsas a last resort.

The ideal muzzle also be easy and the dog permit drinking. But beware: So the inclusion of solid poison baits is only prevented, dissolved toxins in liquids can be drunk. In addition, the dog may lick his paws, which he ran from pesticides or other harmful substances and poison.

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