Delete Apple ID, how it works

Who owns an Apple device, almost does not require Apple ID. And if you still do not want to be customer account at iPhone maker? We show you how to delete your Apple ID.

Delete Apple ID works so's

Every single app - whether free or paid - to load an Apple ID. And the purchases of iTunes stores are associated therewith. who his wants to erase Apple ID itself should think twice: Purchases can then no longer loaded, in some cases no longer updated and played. In addition, the personal iCloud account with the Apple ID associated with it.

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Who has not compelling reasons for deleting the Apple ID, it should rather be made - and, for example out only delete the account information or the like.

Preparing to delete the Apple ID

Who wants to delete his Apple account yet, should make some preparations:

  • save iCloud data locally on your machine: access to iCloud Drive offers as on the Mac Finder on the iPhone and iPad app of the same name.
  • Delete Linked iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs from iCloud and "Find My iPhone" clear - that is to say the anti-theft device from Apple.
  • (Ie all purchases in recent years) is not copy-protected songs can be played without the associated Apple ID. Who wants to download, go to iTunes on their profile -> Purchases and click the cloud icon.
  • spend even existing balances or give as a gift voucher.

Delete Apple ID, so you go

"Delete Apple ID" a menu item does not exist. So you have to take the path through the Apple support. In Germany, you dial the phone number 0800 66 45 451. Have you notified that you want to delete the Apple account, you will be forwarded to the technical support. He accepts the deletion after a verification and security issues and various other checks and Warnugnen.

The first contact support you can also connect through a web form, select "Privacy." Here fill in the information and explain in the comments box which Apple ID to be deleted.


change or remove individual data of the Apple ID

Quite simply, it is, however, to change or individual data from the Apple account to delete. Some settings can be done via a website, others through iTunes. So you remove as credit card data from the Apple account:

  • Open iTunes on the computer.
  • Logs you into iTunes with the Apple ID (at the profile head) and go here on account information.
  • Up here in payment data click on Edit and then select None.
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