Best videos: Christmas Advertising 2016 Edeka, Penny, Otto and Co.

the company start 2016. Year after year can be Coca Cola, IKEA and Co. come contemplative, funny and touching movie and TV commercials the competition for the best Christmas advertising in time for Christmas. Which advertising you can see at the moment and what are the best Christmas videos in 2016, learn it here.

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That it must go to Christmas is not only about commerce, show different concepts of current advertising. Here are not explicitly advertised products, but spending time with the family is central. First and foremost is of course the Christmas advertising Coca Cola, because every year touring the illuminated Cola Trucks *Best videos: Christmas Advertising 2016 Edeka, Penny, Otto and Co. through the towns. In the assigned link, we tell you dates and locations of the tour of the Coca Cola Christmas trucks in 2016 and, as the song of the Coca-Cola Christmas advertising is 2016th

Drop the words Edeka * -Weihnachtswerbung is particularly remained a spot in mind: How can we forget the old grandpa from the sad TV spot from last year?

Edeka advertising Opa_2015Source: Screenshot Edeka via YouTube (25/11/2016)Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

Edeka Advertising 2016: #Zeitschenken

Also this year, the family is at Edeka center stage. in spot &#Zeitschenken; # 8220&# 8221; many parents are so busy with the organization of Christmas, that they hardly can respond to their children. Finally, the Christmas decorations must hang, shopped, cooked and cooked. The disappointed children's faces at the end of soft Edeka advertising but a joy rays when the parents reflect on what is really important: the time together.

1264time pay-edeka-weihnachtswerbung2016.mp4

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Sad Edeka Advertising 2015: #heimkommen

A stir caused last year, Edeka advertising with Grandpa. The highly emotional spot showed how a gray-haired man Year on year, Christmas &# 8220; celebrating&# 8221 ;. In front of a decorated tree he alone eat his Christmas dinner. One day, his family receives a message that they can break him &# 8211; in mourning. But when they entered the apartment, she receives the grandpa and asserts, in a different way he could not get them all together to his home. The family spends the Edeka clip then a cheerful Christmas Eve. The song for Edeka-Christmas advertising is fittingly &Dad; # 8220&# 8221; and comes from the German pop artist Neele Ternes.

Dad Neele Ternes - Edeka song from Amazon*
317edeka-Christmas advertising-heimkommen.mp4

Penny-Christmas advertising in 2016

Even the discounter Penny has timely launched a new Christmas campaign. In the promotional video in 2016 a young family surprised the parents or grandparents and stands together with the grandchildren in time for Christmas Eve in the garden of the house. The touching meeting similar to the Edeka advertising with Grandpa.

543penny-makes-christmas beautifully-true family-hellmann.mp4

OTTO advertising in 2016 &# 8211; Give the most valuable thing you have. Time

The animated clip of the online retailer OTTO shows how hectic our lives has become and that people have for each other less and less time. Nevertheless, the family of the OTTO TV clip can come together in the end.

290give-the-most valuable-the-du-hast.-time.-otto-christmas movie-2016.mp4

IKEA advertising 2016: Good prospects for the weekend

At Christmas, fans of creative and witty IKEA have to do without a funny campaign of Swedish furniture * -Werbung course. On Christmas Eve, it can be closely ever, no matter how close together disengaged. So IKEA promotes flexibility in the furniture - especially when visiting in-law is pending. In one of the three videos of the male protagonist skillfully apes humorous by-law of his partner. The furniture store shows three spots on television, internet and cinema and also switched radio advertising.


More IKEA clips you see on the official YouTube channel.

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Sainsbury&# 8217; s Christmas Commercials 2015

What would Christmas be without our beloved four-legged friends? Cats always go and on Christmas Eve a challenge for Christmas baubles and ribbon. Last year there were to a sweet Christmas advertising the British supermarket chain Sainsbury.


Particularly humorous the Fellnasen be presented in Dreamies spot. , The maker of Cat Treats shows how &# 8220; sharp&# 8221; Cats on the whole Tinsel Ball Glitter stuff at Christmas are.

But there is another way: No Tchibo advertising in 2016

Tchibo * no need for a special Christmas TV spot and appears in advertisements only one to support the panels. The money would have been spent on an expensive clip, here's families benefited in need. Tchibo sent 100,000 packages of household products, clothing, toys and sweets to the panels.

Beautiful Christmas sayings for WhatsApp and Co.

Courageous Nivea advertising away from the stereotypes

In 2013, the Christmas Nivea advertising caused a criticism. The Shitstorm directed against the family image that was transmitted: Because the clip a family celebrating the child without a father Christmas. The classic stereotype has been broken and opponents of the campaign feared it would glorify a family without a male parent.

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