The Division: PvP mode & quot; Last Stand & quot; with tips and normalization

The third &# 8211; and expected final &# 8211; DLC for The Division comes a new PvP mode toward us. Of the &Last Stand; # 8220&# 8221; mode can compete against each other 16 agents in 8-team. To balance, the whole thing has effect a normalization before each round.

The PvP mode in Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division is for many players absolute crux. Ubisoft is aware of this problem and want to solve with a new PvP mode is calculated. Lest the equipment sets, but the skill counts itself, the values ​​of all the players to be adjusted. What you have to note here and what Tips We you for PvP &# 8220; Last Stand&# 8221; can give you experience here.

Consider that you Level 30 must be, to use the contents of the DLC, as well as the PvP mode.

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Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division: PvP &# 8220; Last Stand&# 8221; in detail

Before you draw with seven friends or unknowns in the battle, we want you on the PvP mode &# 8220; Last Stand&# 8221; inform in The division. What is your aim and what you have in mind? The new PvP mode plays not throughout the Dark Zone. Instead, you fight only in one of four areas:

  • DZ 1 to 3
  • DZ 4 to 6
  • DZ 7 to 8
  • DZ 8 to 9

Tom Clancy&Pre s Ghost Recon Wildlands now; # 039*

Each round in a zone takes more than 20 minutes. You play in the parts of Dark Zone, which is pieced into three parts. In each part there are three targets in turn, which your team must bring under control first, to transfer all the data.

In PvP mode &Last Stand; # 8220&# 8221; you must controlling three zones. Your party always plays Division agent, while the other group slips into the skin of the renegades. For them, it is the other way around, so you always play the nice agents who must defeat the rebels. The aim both groups is to take the left-behind SHD-tech terminals and to provide the data from the dark zone. These are Data relay important information, the former agent had to leave here. Accordingly, you have to find these terminals and back up the data.

8 at 8 in the new PvP mode & quot; quot Last Stand & ;.8 at 8 in the new PvP mode &# 8220; Last Stand&# 8221 ;.

Do you have captured a zone, it switches a Spawn point free. Should you die, you will return to this point. With bonuses that you can unlock later, you succeed even to wake up next to your teammates. your So ruled not out, soon you will be mortally wounded. Will you killed loses her no rewards, experience points or currencies. In addition to the fight against the rebels even NPCs that make you life difficult appear. Defeat her she will get her SHD-Tech. This material converts it into booster or fasteners. The latter protects your activated zone especially. So you can set up here guns that shoot at anything hostile.

The turret supported you against enemy NPCs and opposing players.The turret supported you against enemy NPCs and opposing players.

but to prepare the and activate boosts, you need a Support Station. Therefore, it is advisable if a player the Gear set Reclaimer or retractor used. Its fittings are fully designed for this station and its capabilities. The problem, however, is that it be only one station in the entire game may. Accordingly, your enemies will try as quickly as possible to destroy this station. Manage this, the effects of the retractor are passé.

The adaptation of the characters before the match

To ensure that only the ability among the players counts various adjustments before a game be made. The whole thing is called normalization. thus, all equipped items on the Gear score 256 brought. This also concerns the worn pieces of armor next to your weapons. These are other changes:

  • The armor are all players by 35 percent reduced. but puts her a certain skills and / or talent, the percentage can be raised again.
  • has its main attributes at firearms, electronics or endurance this can be increased to the maximum value of the applied armor.
  • The maximum value is applied to all bonuses Power Mods and equipment. Weapons bonuses, weapon damage and their attributes are adjusted as well.

There are some bonuses and talents that can be used unchanged and not from the effects &# 8220; punished&# 8221; become. This applies particularly to Character talents, which you can choose your free. In addition, the Gear Set talents remain unchanged. The same applies to the bonuses of weapons sets and the talents of weapons.

In the fight now your skill and not your equipment counts.In the fight now your skill and not your equipment counts.

Tips for &# 8220; Last Gecht&# 8221; -PVP mode

The first rule to be successful in this mode is, of course, practice. Because here you have to show true greatness and skill. So Do not rely too much on your bonuses and your armor. The support station is a powerful machine, but the only runs with SHD-Tech. not feeding her her long, she is neutral and the enemy can take them. So kill enough NPCs, so that you have enough tech resources.

  • The 8 teams are again in two 4-combos divided. This allows you more tactical assault. So speak ye, and uses mainly cover. Part of the team, for example, go on a search for tech material, while the others do the apostates.
  • Each zone is monitored by a bunch of NPCs. Unlike the rest of the NPCs they no longer spawn after, once they are done. But keep in mind that you will encounter more resistance, if you want to play a zone.
  • You gain during a round in the mode of experience points that let you move up in rank. you get a Pro Rise &Last Stand; # 8220&Containers; # 8221. They include high-end items, Phoenix Credit and gear sets. In addition, you'll get over it exclusive weapons skins and two new outfits. Wins her a session, there are additional rewards.

Once we were able to find more tips at play, we are expanding this product immediately. Do you still have findings from the PvP mode &# 8220; Last Stand&# 8221; can draw? Then it tells us in the comments.

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