Titanium Case 2

Titanium Case 2 builds on its predecessor and is in addition to the extensive multiplayer mode for the first time include a single-player campaign, ye opposes in as a pilot on the side of a titanium an army of opponents. Thus, multiplayer muffle get their money.

Trailer for the single player

3891Titanium Case 2 - E3 2016 - Official Single Player Trailer

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Titanium Case 2: An unstoppable team

Anyone who has missed a story campaign in the first titanium case, this is now finally gets in Titanium Case 2. In the role of a militia protecting you explore the borderland and dreams of becoming a pilot. In a sudden turn of events you land here behind enemy lines and must bring a titan of Vanguard-class one mssion to an end, for you were never actually intended. Many dialogs and cut scenes, a gripping story is intended to be told.

The campaign focuses on the interaction between pilot and titanium. As a pilot you are agile and quick, while Titans are deadly weapons, with their armor and their windows which also have swords and missiles. Together, pilot and titanium are intended to supplement repeatedly during missions and work as a team.

Titanium Case 2: Pilot and titanium form an unbeatable team in the border region.Titanium Case 2: Pilot and titanium form an unbeatable team in the border region.

But when it comes to multiplayer, the developers of Respawn Entertainment have properly repaired. This should include the following features:

  • Six new Titans
  • New pilot skills
  • An advanced personalization system
  • new maps

A look at the following multiplayer trailer shows already, how flexible you can react on the battlefield, the dynamic battles with pilots and titanium and.

Trailer for the multiplayer

831Titanium Case 2 - E3 2016 - Official Multiplayer Trailer

Release and platforms

Titanium Case 2 starts on October 28, 2016 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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