GTA 5: New rumors about a possible story DLC

As Rockstar Games and Take-Two before now more than two and a half years, the open-world spectacle GTA 5 published, she also promised a story DLC for the single player. A promise which is rumored more could be fulfilled.

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The open world GTA 5 is not only one of the best rated games of all time, but also quite large. Even without the started in October 2013 online mode you can spend and the surrounding areas and discover new things tens of hours in the world of Los Santos. Still, there are quite a few who would like to have the promised story DLC. While GTA was equipped 5 online in recent years with tons of new content, it said last even that Rockstar has the DLC deleted in order to focus on the online mode. A decision that was not only Kollege Dominic shit. Now there are new rumors, however, that GTA will 5 still maintain its expansion - and this even to be much larger than previously thought.

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These are the rumors:

At least that the Greek magazine Busted, which speaks of a DLC that will take similar in size Episodes from Liberty City, which belonged to GTA 4th Content should we therefore expect two new cities, new with a Protagonists Anthony Miller can be unsafe. loud names Las Venturas and San Fierro, known from GTA San Andreas, which obviously Las Vegas and San Francisco serve as role models. Also new vehicles and activities will find their way into the DLC for GTA. 5 Anthony to gamble in casinos and for example can ride horses.

Whether the rumor is true, can be quite doubt. But such a large DLC could explain why GTA fans had to wait for so long - and must continue. the alleged DLC will appear when exactly, was in fact not said. but an idea could take place at E3, the parent company Take-Two has big plans.

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