Iron Man 4: When will the sequel & amp; Tony Stark back? Info and Rumors

Iron Man, Iron Man 2 & Iron Man 3 could inspire the audience. And though Robert Downey Jr. hands to do fully, for example, with the filming of Sherlock Holmes 3 and some wrestled with the Marvel Universe lately, he can imagine yet another Iron to turn Man solo film &# 8211; the current status you read here. 

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The First Avenger: Civil War &# 8211; Captain America 3 is also a little Iron Man 4 &# 8211; a little. But a proper sequel, of course, much nicer. However, this is when it is realized, still take quite a while. Provided at present is that Iron Man is supposed to be 4, the first Avenger solo performance in the third phase Avengers &# 8211; be covered starting in the movies about the 2020th

Iron Man 4 &# 8211; Downey Jr. would be doing&# 8230; maybe

Robert Downey Jr. had actually met with the third Iron Man film its contractual obligations, but yet signed another contract extension. Iron Man 4 was yet more abgewiegelt and little discussed. It sounded more like a little as if he were a little relieved to no longer have to put on the ollen metal suit &# 8211; was talking that he could give as Tony Stark without metal packaging the Avengers boss. With some distance the world looks but then apparently different again and the iron armor, and an Iron Man sequel no longer seem impossible. Anyway, it seems as if Downey Jr. look at the Marvel Universe again as a home and gives lately even the impression that he wanted the matter to remain faithful to his career-ending.

In any case, we can do it in a Supporting Role in Spider Man: Homecoming already in the not too distant admire, but we do not know if Tony Stark then draws his suit or not.

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It is certain that Downey Jr. the only true Iron Man and Tony Stark is a continuation and without his participation is not feasible. It is equally certain that he can change his mind on this subject at any time and it is also a fact that Marvel could cheer some successful blockbuster Unters audience without him already. They are therefore not as dependent on him, as was the case in the early days. Until now, there is simply no answer to the question of whether there will be a fourth Iron Man movie. Once this giving, you can read it here.

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Iron Man online see in the stream

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