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With the free download RetroShare you get a Messenger with what can be exchanged data on virtual paths through a friend-to-friend connection or by IP address.

The data transfer is encrypted using OpenSSL. The connection is not running on central servers, so the exchange of data in a large part remains anonymous. Invite friends to upload your data exchange via e-mail. Strictly speaking, this Instant Messenger also offers a friend-to-friend (Friend-to-Friend) network, at the same time communication and file sharing can be done anonymously. Retroshare Instant Messenger offers reliable identification and authentication of substances classified as trustworthy friends. The classification is made via encrypted RSA keys.

Retroshare: Friend-to-Friend networks

Despite the anonymity of Retroshare course, the program does not provide a free pass for exchanging copyrighted material over the Internet. Even the unknown can be added as friends in Retroshare to build about a network for the sharing of copyright material, but conclusions about the user can by adding friends also are drawn entirely.

Gallery retro share Instant Messenger

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Retroshare Instant Messenger download provides a communication platform that can also offer services such as secure e-mail forwarding, advanced file sharing, video chat and secure phone calls over VOIP - Voice over IP - and of course a secure text chat in Messenger ,

RetroShare provides u. a. following functions:

  • E-mail client
  • IP telephony
  • Web crawling
  • File Sharing
  • Feed Reader
  • group Chat
  • Simultaneous downloading and uploading multiple files
  • Plugin support
  • Integration of forums and channels
  • decentralized communication
  • encrypted connection
  • Support for UPnP and NAT-PMP port
  • Integration into Sys Tray

Unlike other file sharing platforms in Retroshare you keep track of the participants who can access the shared data.

RetroShare Download - November 2017 - GIGA

Retroshare: Download and installation instructions

Additionally, in the tool a Start method (bootstrapping) is installed in order to find the dynamic IP address via a so-called. "DHT" (Distributed Hash Table). In that case the secure connection is made to your friends. RetroShare is developed as open source software and is primarily used for decentralized communication. Because you can connect directly and encrypted exclusively to trusted friends you, it is a very quick and safe above all way to exchange files. Hardly any other open source and serverless Instant Messenger has such enhanced capabilities of a network-exchange market, as it can be found here with the Retroshare download. If Retroshare not work properly with you, you should check the settings of your firewall. In addition, a look at the program settings is recommended. Here you look in the menu "Options" - "Peer Settings" - "firewalled".

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