Just Cause 3: liberate settlements, provinces and regions

In Just Cause 3, the story is very simple: You are a rebel agent who wants to put an end to cooperation with allies of the reign of terror of dictator General Di Ravello. The latter fact has the settlements, provinces and regions of the playable Mediterranean island Medici under control.

For this reason, is your goal, freeing settlements. That does not make it entirely but unselfishly; after all you can in liberated areas then store weapons, vehicles and objects remaining, the you pop the rebels were dropped right in front. A win-win situation for both sides so.

As you settlements can best rid yourself of this guide is to betray.

In Just Cause 3 their settlements and provinces must freeIn Just Cause 3 their settlements and provinces must free

 free settlements and unlock rebel bombings - Just Cause 3

Early in the game after her a new Grappling hook you got, you have to liberate directly a settlement. This can be somewhat difficult for a beginner. After all, appear only symbols and now you have to destroy something.

Buy and Just Cause 3 end the reign of the dictator*

A general plan how their going on, there is unfortunately not. For every settlement and every province is different. You must destroy other objects and the number of these also varies depending on the area. However, we can give you with this guide an initial aid and advice.

The liberation of the territories brings you the way also the 100 percent closer. The following achievements you can receive:

vive-le-revolutionVive le Revolutiongamer core 15bronze
Exempt a province.
Freed Insula Dracon complete.
devil dozendevil dozengamer core 20bronze
Freed 13 settlements.
the-hope-springs eternal-Hope dies lastgamerscore-30silver
Freed Insula Fonte complete.
heart of stoneheart of stonegamerscore-30silver
Freed Insula striate complete.
In cities you must usually signs destroy the dictatorsIn cities you must usually signs destroy the dictators

Three regions Medici

Do you have three regions in the game world:

  • Insulation Fonte region: Focus on agriculture and therefore large number of fields
  • Insulation Dracon region: Focus on oil production and therefore many Fördertürme
  • Insulation striate region: Di Ravello luxury homes and Bavarium mines

Your main goal is to liberate all three regions. To do this, you must, however, 29 provinces and 130 settlements to free.

The map shows you what you have to destroy it in order to free the settlementThe map shows you what you have to destroy it in order to free the settlement

distributed among the three regions, which means:

  • Insulation Fonte: 9 provinces, 39 settlements
  • Insulation Dracon: 7 provinces, 33 settlements
  • Insulation striate: 13 provinces, 58 settlements

The settlements of Medici have certain types. Then it chooses also what chaos objects must destroy it in order to end the dominance of the dictator in this area:

  • village
  • place
  • Capital
  • outpost
  • Base
  • Air Force Base
  • radar
  • Regional command center
The speaker listened to her from afarThe speaker listened to her from afar

So can free their settlements

Generally speaking, you just have to all Chaos destroy objects, you see the top left of your screen by icon. Do you not know at the beginning what is hidden behind the icons, you can also the map Open and hover over the settlement. This shows you again what you have to destroy her exactly and especially how many items of each type there are in the area.

More than 100 challenges to Medici Guide

Did the first Chaos object destroyed her, you are the Locations of all other objects displayed in the settlement on the map. Once everything is broken, you have the settlement freed and can now free here fast travel. In addition, the garage unlocked in the can deposit their your vehicles so that they can be brought by rebels launched to you.

Have you successfully freeing a settlement is your last mission to fly the rebel flagHave you successfully freeing a settlement is your last mission to fly the rebel flag

also pays attention to the following tips to free a settlement and to master Just Cause 3:

  • Uses the rocket launcher wisely. Sometimes it is better to position themselves on a roof and the Compounds of the grasping hook to use to paralyze generators, signs or speakers.
  • Chaos objects you recognize the fact that they red marks have. Do you find items that are blue: Stay away! They belong to the rebels and thus to your friends.
  • Fuel tanks can also firearms be destroyed. Shoots several times on them and then run as far as possible away from it. The explosion is devastating.
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  • Bring the troops reinforcement. Have you turned some of them, then, and now want to destroy more objects in peace of mind, get the gain a spanner in the works. The more objects you destroy, the more you will on defense measures must count on the part of the soldiers.
  • Do you want to liberate a base, first opens the gate, so you can help the rebels. For larger bases, it is useful to hack the Raktenstellungen first.

Do you need even more tips and tricks to the game? We also have a beginners guide for you.

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