Big, bigger, QUHD: Kamal shows you the huge stand of Samsung

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Samsung has filled in recent years on each trade always huge halls. Of course, this should not be neglected in Las Vegas at CES, unfortunately, the noise level is high and the occasional fellow bloggers can be seen by every now and then&# 8217; s hopping image. Did you recognize anyone?

Although Samsung (my opinion) the market flooded quite beautiful, so they have this very reason also the possibility to take care of nischige art and can also gladly times introduce concepts that exist only in many years to buy for the home theater. There would be a QUHD TV with 9K resolution, 4K plus 3D TV with 35 possible angles and in which no glasses (according to Kamal impressive picture) is necessary and in general there are tons of accessories, boxes, Ultrabooks, All-in-One PC&# 8217; s, tablets, mobile phones and a lot of volume and large areas.


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