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Electronic Arts continues to rely on Facebook implementations of its strong brands. Now your turn: SimCity.

Besides the large Reboot in 2013 there will soon be another offshoot of the franchises. SimCity Social is to start soon on Facebook and players, of course, give the opportunity to create their own dream city. There are the usual from the series consequences for the environment and citizens, making the management of the city into a tricky matter.

&# 8220; The Facebook users have been waiting for the original. Now the mother of all city-building games will be released on the platform&# 8221 ;, so Jami Laes, Vice President Global Playfish studios. &# 8220; This is not the typical city-building simulations with drag-and-drop system. The player does not build any city simply - it's up to him what he wants to build a city closely. And he sees how she gets her own character more and more as it grows and reacts to its decisions. In SimCity Social, we have taken the best features of social gaming and combined with the unique depth of the original. The result is a new, geared to interaction game adventure in the social network.&# 8221;

&# 8220; EA has released in recent years repeatedly major brands such as The Sims on Facebook&# 8221 ;, said Sean Ryan, who is responsible for partnerships with game publishers on Facebook. "SimCity Social is a great extension of this range. We are pleased to be able to provide the hundreds of millions of users who play each month on Facebook, another high-quality titles.&# 8221;

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