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With the o2 Multicard her your mobile number with up to three SIM cards can be used. These can be used in parallel with their three devices. Here can be individually adjusted, as the device for calls, SMS and MMS react. Here you can find all information about the offer.

o2 Multicard

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o2 Multicard - preferences

The o2 Multicard can you also book almost all O2 mobile contracts only with the tariff O2 Active Data that is not possible. Your phone number will work on up to three SIM cards, which you can use with your cell phone, your BlackBerry and your spare cell phone, for example. Have you taken the SIM card with three devices in operation, there are certain preferences.

An example of the default settings

The o2 Multicard is located in your primary recorder ( "phone"), your second unit ( "Phone") and your third device ( "Replacement Cell"). In each device, the SIM card is activated.

  • All calls to land on your primary recorder ( "mobile") if your secondary device ( "Phone") is not in operation.
  • Turns you now also your smartphone, all calls to land only there. But SMS and MMS get only continue to your mobile phone.
  • Now you take your additional replacement cell in operation. On this calls go only when the first and second unit out of service.
  • With all switched-on devices you can call, send SMS and MMS messages and access the Internet. You can not make calls in parallel, but be ever online with all of the devices.
deviceCalls if unit into operationForwarding prioritySMSMMS
mobile1this device receives
Smartphonethis device receives2
replacement Cell3
  • Assuming your phone and your smartphone are both turned on. Calls to land then on your smartphone. It is busy, all calls go to voicemail if you have activated them.
  • Your replacement cell phone receives calls only when your phone and your smartphone are off.


o2 Multicard - individual settings

There are also possible from the preferences different settings for your o2 Multicard. These take you just your wishes before accordingly. Selects this one of three ways:

  1. Go to your personal space My o2 *o2 Multi Card - Complete info for multi- and partner card and clicks with your mobile phone contract on o2 Multi Card Set *o2 Multi Card - Complete info for multi- and partner card.
  2. Gets the O2 hotline under the 0176 88 85 52 22nd
  3. Give appropriate code into your cell phone; see o2 Multi Card code *o2 Multi Card - Complete info for multi- and partner card.

o2 multicard SIMo2 Partner Card

Multicard is not to be confused with the o2 partner card. In the partner card you will receive a discounted rate further if you already have an O2 tariff. A condition is that one of the agreements is a mobile phone contract. Everything else can be found on the O2 website for combination benefits *o2 Multi Card - Complete info for multi- and partner card. Perhaps a o2 contract extension worth indeed in this context.

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