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Amazon Video Direct, the new Amazon service with the online retailer offers customers the opportunity calls to publish their own videos on Amazon. But that's not all: The videos can then be sold or lent. Read here like Amazon Video Direct works and what the service brings.

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Self-publishing, so the marketing of content without a publisher, has for some years now the next big thing: In the book market self-publishing has long been established in eBooks and has already made a number of authors rich, most recently as E. L. James with its 50 Shades of Gray novels. Now Amazon jumps on the train and offers the service Amazon Video Direct customers the opportunity to publish their own video content and distribute.

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Amazon Video Direct: Self-Publishing for videos

The Ebook reader Kindle, there is the possibility of our own content to publish for quite some time &# 8211; brand new, the concept is not so, except that have now changed the content. For users, Amazon promises to the service similar benefits:

  • Creative obtained with Amazon Video Direct at one go a long reach and do not take care of logistics and distribution.
  • Users will proportionately share in the revenue of the videos.
  • The videos can be offered either to buy or to rent.

To provide yet another incentive Amazon offers Amazon launches addition the Amazon Video Direct Stars program. The Top 100 AVD videos are rewarded with bonus payments every month. When evaluating different criteria play a role, including the number of viewers and how long have watched this video.

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Amazon Video Direct: Service availability

The self-published videos are initially available for Amazon customers in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan. Anyone offering a video about the Amazon infrastructure, has two options: Either you can distribute content through Prime video and receive a usage fee based streamed hours. Alternatively, the video can be offered via the digital Amazon video store to rent or purchase. In the US, there is also the possibility of the videos in addition to advertising or marketing package as an additional subscription.

For more information on Amazon Video Direct can be found directly from Amazon - here you can you also create a free account. Lest us also also what it has with the delivery service Amazon Prime Now in coming.

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