We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a survival horror game with a difference. Because instead of insisting against dark forces or zombies, you have to fight in the dystopian England 60s against your paranoia and a drug-infested society. Compulsion Games (Contrast) thus giving their second game to the masses and confuse, delight and let cringe.

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We Happy Few

In this survival-adventure is not so much horror and in addition you play here for a change, none of the good guys. Rather, it is in the role of an outsider who does not adhere to the rules, want to get out from the system. The peace-loving law-abiding citizens of the dystopian drug-addicted and retrofuturistischem 1960 England may not however.

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Currently not much is known. We Happy Few of Compulsion Games is currently being funded on Kickstarter, you can do your part to thus still contribute and thus even earlier than all the other players enjoy the forbidden and dangerous &# 8211; The truth.

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Currently, We Happy Few is announced for PC, Linux, Mac and Xbox One and is on July 26, 2016 appear.

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