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He's quite clever, this WhatsApp virus! How exactly Priyanka works is not entirely clear. Therefore there is no quick fix for removal. Similar to very stubborn weeds we must eliminate everything that could bring to life him back here. It is not enough to extinguish once only the contacts. We have to remove everything completely, which has to do with WhatsApp.

To eliminate the virus WhatsApp Priyanka sure we need to remove all data from WhatsApp. So the basic configuration, but also all stored files and chat. Just everything! In the worst case, we need to delete and reinstall WhatsApp. But first, it tries so:

  1. In the first step, we cut all ties the phone to the outside. So we turn off the WLAN and possibly. Also Bluetooth. Only then WhatsApp is opened to all &# 8211; really all! &# 8211; To delete contacts.
  2. Then we have to delete all photos, videos and voice messages that have ever come to WhatsApp. Presumably, the virus can spread over them.
  3. All chats are deleted. Who backups of them, hoping perhaps that he can save them again. However, these backups, the WhatsApp virus can indeed hide already.
  4. Now switch to the settings of the phone and go to the Apps. There WhatsApp stop force (possibly in the settings under Manage applications, only running applications) by the function Stop. With this step, the WhatsApp program is as it were completely removed from memory and thus also the WhatsApp virus.
  5. In the settings we find delete to WhatsApp also the option data. It sets WhatsApp certain extent to the factory settings and delete all data to the core of the application.
  6. Now we can enable data connections such as WLAN and then again WhatsApp restart. The problem: Now we need to set up the app from scratch. So register first with the new phone number (again). possibly set up then a backup to perhaps save data.

When the cleaning was started immediately after we found the problem, there is hope. The backups are still not infect almost certainly. So we can save a lot. Otherwise, we the contacts from our mobile contacts restored. but this is just only for those WhatsApp contacts, who were also in the address book. Insofar as the lousy WhatsApp virus has done a great job.

Incidentally WhatsApp is now to be established, so that the Priyanka virus has no chance. But what can we expect next?

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