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If you are just switched to Windows 10 is still free of charge or their Microsoft Edge have chosen as your new default browser, there may be one or the other point that you still want to translate to your own preferences. is one of those typical steps to change the Microsoft Edge Home, when you really something can not start with the default set MSN news page of the Edge browser or want. In this guide we show you how to easily adjust in a few steps, the Home at Edge to the desired side of you.

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Many people have their own preferences when it comes to their browser's home page. Most will probably prefer still Google as their home page, others use alternative search engines, but also the respective e-mail provider or a certain news page will be happy to serve as home pages. No matter what you want to see most when you start the browser: Even with the Microsoft Edge browser you can watch the home according to your taste set.

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Change Microsoft Edge Home &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

As with many other browsers, the setting for the home in the menus of the browser is hidden even with Microsoft's new Edge browser. To easily get to the settings and set up the home page according to your wish, their proceeds as follows:

  1. Starts the Microsoft Edge browser and click on More &# 8211; symbolized by the three points next to the address bar (top right).
    Change Microsoft Edge Home Settings
  2. Click on the menu now aufpoppenden the Settings item.
  3. now selects the menu item with the opening point of a specific page (s) with a left click.
    Change Microsoft Edge Custom Home
  4. Now click on the now existing drop-down menu and select Custom.
  5. Deletes now the default defined about: Start by clicking on the cross next to it.
    Microsoft Edge Change Delete page and enter
  6. Now cast your desired home page in the address bar (website type) including one and adds the page through the Plus icon.
  7. (Optional) You can specify multiple home pages here, which are then opened in multiple tabs to the browser startup.

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