Gwent – The Witcher Card Game: 5 Tips for Beta

The beta for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has started and is expected to end until the spring 2017th Enough time to try the Witcher card game. In this article you will find five helpful tips to enter well into the card game.

Gwent or in German Gwint is a popular game in Witcher 3. The Trading Card Game but does so addicted, that fans wanted their own game. A player even developed a mod for The Witcher, which replaced all the battles in RPG by Gwint rounds. To comply with the wishes of the fans, will soon Gwent: The Witcher appear Card Game, which free to be offered. To test it extensively, launched on October 25, 2016 closed beta. Do you play Gwint in advance, you get good tips below to get started in the trading card game.

See here the trailer for Gwent &# 8211; The Witcher Card Game:

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Beginner tips for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwint is a free game, which is but In-game purchases will be. To further eliminate bugs and optimize Balancing, a beta was introduced, for you can you still log. Invitations will be sent but in waves. So it could take until you can actually try out the beta. Have you Gwent not played in The Witcher 3 or have nothing else to do with the Sorcerer RPG that is no problem. You will receive a comprehensive tutorial.

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In the beta is still No single player campaign to be there. But in the final game you will find a single player, which is about 10 hours playing time includes. In addition, a Skirmish mode planned, in which a player can play against the AI. But this function is integrated only in the full version.

With these tips you your opponents defeated in Gwent.With these tips you your opponents defeated in Gwent.

How to Play &# 8211; Basic rules for Gwint

The board is composed of 6 rows &# 8211; 3 each of which belong to your opponent and you. Your battlefield is made close combat (Third row from the bottom) Ranged (Row in the middle) and siege (Row at the bottom). Based on the characters on the rows you realize where you can place the cards. A game consists of 3 rounds &# 8211; win 2 of them to emerge as the final winner.

Each card shows you on which series they can play. It also has a Combat effectiveness. Everyone is sequentially turn. Are you at the number you must, you either put a card on the board, or fold. You have to play with the cards that you see below. In the second round you are allowed draw 2 cards from the deck, in the third only one more. Your cards so you should be holy.

Did you end up more points than your opponent, you win the round. The number of points you see to the left of your cards.

5 tips for the start of the trading card game

  1. Plan your moves! Particularly strong cards should cancel it. You have already won the first round, you should not also the second win to pressure. Pulling her no good cards, it can bring much to wait and let the opponents play all the good cards. Then you heard the third round.
  2. bluff plays a major role in Gwent. Plays weak cards first, to see how your opponent reacts. Analyzed his style of play in order to respond to it. Of course, that's a thing that only comes with time and playing experience. Of course, you want your opponent to show that their strong cards like Geralt have in your deck &# 8211; but let it rather be you and keep it for later rounds. Plays the opponent directly in the first round a hero card, you should rather unpack defensive cards and let him win. For the next rounds of the victory you is safe because the opponent has already used up his strongest card.
  3. Keep your cover small! Because then the chance that their strong drawing card larger. Packt also a card that fulfill different functions and their effects fit to many more cards. In order to upload your strategy depending on the playing style of the opponent change in the middle of a round.

    But weather effects can also harm your opponent you.But weather effects can also harm your opponent you.

  4. Focused you first only two ranks! This tip should follow her when her weather maps plays out. Do you want to use, for example, fog, your ranged row should not be occupied. But if you can weaken the number of the enemy, because the effects apply to him. Tried to take a card with which you can react to weather effects. Once you pulls, you should use them only very late, so that your opponents still can not follow up on an effect.
  5. Ensures variety and avoids duplication capabilities-! Special cards can weaken a strength on the entire board. Do you take cards, all of which have a skill that can go out badly and you will gradually weakened. Some special forces can retrieve dead cards. It never hurts to take such a card.

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