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The key to all the important data in the computer world are passwords. Password Safe ensures that they are stored securely and encrypted, but nevertheless are quickly at hand, where they are needed.

All passwords are needed. We need you for accounts in online shops, forums, for some programs, for mail and the account inquiry. Since you never use a password twice and it should also be complex, it soon falls hard to remember all the combinations. Here is a password manager like Password Safe helps to keep track and still be on the safe side.

Password Safe &# 8211; the encrypted password database

The tool Password Safe is an open source application and therefore free. However, there is also a paid version, the main difference is that they can be started from a USB stick. Since you can, however, save the actual password database on a USB stick, this is no problem. Then, the program is easily installed on different machines and loading the data up from the stick.

password safeThe Password Safe stores our access data and combines it with the websites

All stored data can be found in one or more individual files ending psafe3. The files themselves are encrypted and must be opened with a master password that is specified when creating the database. Even if the program is reduced to the taskbar, you must enter the master password again when opened. Thus, is effectively prevented that curious contemporaries get the data.

Working with the Password Safe

The key combination Ctrl + A, we can add to the Password Safe a new entry. We can divide the various passwords the same in groups, give them a title and then enter the user name and password. If there is still no password for this task, it can be possible to generate one that high safety demands.

Save password safe passwordIn addition to user names and passwords of Password Safe can store plenty of other information

In addition, however, we can still do a lot more information. we give as on a website, then we can call the necessary page for a login in the future by clicking the same. On request, we can enter the access even automatically. And where that is not possible, because we can not accept the username and password to the clipboard. In this way, you have to enter the data only once and can then they forgettable. A combination of passwords with one touch key is possible. Adjustable password policies ensure that automatically generated passwords are not to crack.


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