Xbox One Games 2016: The big list of exclusive titles

Quantum Break

3488Quantum Break - Game Awards Trailer

Quantum Break will be the next big AAA exclusive title for the Xbox. Even with Alan Wake from Remedy, the makers were able to profile and showed that they can create a breathtaking atmosphere. has over 2 years it lasted until we can be sure at last that their new game will be released - and the April early as 5. After an experiment gone wrong, our protagonist Jack Joyce can (now played by Shawn Ashmore) manipulate time, but also the world around us lose the sense of time. With our power we can, of course, sent to take opponents out of the game or overcome obstacles. We can expect an action-adventure with exciting shooter deposits and some mind-bending puzzles here. And the particularly interesting is the mixture with an included TV series, which &# 8211; depending on our decisions &# 8211; will change.

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Well, if this shooter is not hot right? : P

With Superhot you get a bock heavy shooter with an interesting idea: If you move, time is running faster. If you remain standing, it remains standing. This is nothing new to video games themselves, but what special for a shooter. So, to eliminate your opponents, you must join and work strategically its various elements. If you want to know how the game feels like, you can now test the prototypes. we can expect that the game will be released in the first quarter &# 8211; so it's back not for long!


1779Below - Trailer

Below also of Capy was supposed to get it last year in our hands, but was then postponed. Now we hope firmly quite that in 2016 the time has come at last. Of course there are already many games that work with Permadeaths, random worlds and the like, but somehow works Below nevertheless somewhat different. A dark world, as never before appeared in roguelike, arouses our curiosity in any case.

Crackdown 3

1681Crackdown - E3 2014 Trailer.mp4

In Crackdown 3 we are waiting already felt an eternity and now is certain that 2016 is the time of release &# 8211; in the third Quartel of the year it should appear. it is 6 years now ago that the second branch appeared: It is about time that a successor is coming! In this third-person shooter set in an open world, we assume the role of an agent. Then we go and we can make the opponents flat &# 8211; But not only the enemy, but also the world! This will, as promised, be destroyed at 100% (really 100! Yes). Destroyed the syndicate and take it not reckless abandon!


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