World of Warcraft: player grabs Mythic dungeon solo

Who wants to come in World of Warcraft at the best loot, is not around to team up with other players and to plunder the dungeon of the game world. A player now shows, however, that things can be very different with powerful lot of patience and a huge pinch of skill.

7701World of Warcraft - Patch 7.2 - Trailer

Players of World of Warcraft know the problem. Because you finally time to gamble a game again, but unfortunately the guild colleagues for the mystical dungeons and raids are not available. The only possibility then is the matchmaking, but also no satisfying and fun solution is permanent. What to do? Very easily. Strap yourself all alone in the most difficult dungeons of World of Warcraft!

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This should not be a joke. Well, at least not entirely. The World of Warcraft player &Mionelol; # 8220&# 8221; has made it his mission to master the dungeons of MMORPGs alone. And now it has reached a new milestone. The mystical dungeons are using key stones more difficult. While already failed numerous 5-player groups at level 15, the perky lady has mastered equal to a level 17 dungeon alone.

But while it takes a lot of patience. Total of 12 hours she was in the dungeon go. After all, she alone makes significantly less damage and will have to be careful that they will not be caught off guard by the strong enemies. The first and last boss have eaten alone four hours of their time. The exciting result you see in a &# 8211; significantly shortened &# 8211; Video. What is probably next on the list of the adventurer?


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