Chromecast app for Windows Download

Chromecast app for Windows download required, when you stream videos and music over a wireless network to a Chromecast stick and finally watch it on TV want to which the Chromecast device is connected.

The Chromecast is a derived from Google HDMI adapter, which you can connect to a TV and can then receive audio and video files from a Wi-Fi and play them on TV. However one also needs an app that sends data over the network to the HDMI adapter in addition to a Chromecast stick. Such app is available for iOS, Android and Windows, is described and available for download the Chromecast app for Windows.

Chromecast app for Windows Download: Setting up the connection to the Chromecast stick

The interior of the Chromecast app for Windows is very simple: Invite you the file just downloaded and executes it to start the setup program. Here you a list of devices is presented now, of which the one it chooses, the Chromecast data to send to the Chromecast stick. If you have completed the selection, you click you just go through the setup until it is completed.

Chromecast app for Windows

Apps need Chromecast support

Now you have the means to send Chromecast from your computer to the Chromecast stick. To actually make audio and video content transferred from a PC to your TV, but are still necessary Apps that support streaming content over the network with Chromecast. These include max cathedrals, Watch Ever or YouTube. A complete list of all apps that support the Chromecast, can be found on the linked list to Google.

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