Far Cry Primal – Survival Mode: Tips for the Survivor mode

Far Cry Primal is you too easily? Then you can try the new Survival mode, which is available for free for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC gamers from patch 1.3.0. Lest falls entry too difficult, we have summarized some basic tips for survival mode here.

The Game Director Thomas Simon and his team could not wait the release date of Far Cry Primal. After all, they wanted to know how their primitive shooter arrives at the buyers to have to read in forums that the fifth part of the Far Cry series even in the hardest difficulty is simply too easy. So the Far Cry Primal-makers simply roll ado a new update of which also includes a survival mode in addition to 4K resolution.

See here the announcement from the Game Director for Survival mode:

1072Announcing the new Survivor mode in Far Cry PrimalStart Photogallery(10 images)Sad: This nine games never saw the light of day

Far Cry Primal &# 8211; Survival Mode: what it looks like

The Survival mode Far Cry Primal each owner receives games from April 12, as free update. The Survival mode is not a must. So you can continue to play safely without him. It also depends on your Difficulty. So you can it manually using refer to any degree. It is therefore not a separate difficulty.

Far Cry Primal Buy Edition in the 100% Uncut*

The Survival Mode of Far Cry Primal is not set in stone; you can different settings make. So there are for example two variants that can happen when you die. The permadeath-Variant can start again at the death of you. The &# 8220; shallow&# 8221; Variant gives you two lives, the you can recharge at specific locations.

In survival mode you have to tame you permanent companion, as they no longer come back after death.In survival mode you have to tame you permanent companion, as they no longer come back after death.

more content the new survival mode you can see below:

  • Your character is now realistic and become not so powerful. He does less damage and suffers more.
  • In cold regions you take proper health from.
  • Wild animals will hardly find her. Even enemies were reduced on the map.
  • The minimap disappears.
  • tame animals, is now more complicated.

So you get the climbing claw in Far Cry Primal

  • The strengths of the animals have been adjusted. They hit Fire, they will now take more damage in the flames.
  • In addition to your health bar you can now find Takkars Endurance. To charge this stamina, you have to sleep.
  • Quick travel cost stamina, so you have to sleep more often.
  • Do you want to produce equipment or weapons, it now requires more materials, which makes the procedure more complicated.
  • The great card is also less exposed, so you have to reveal more cards parts. The so-called Fog of War has been reinforced.

Other changes you see in stream the developer in which they anzocken survival mode briefly.

Here you get to the video*

The beasts in ancient times are more in survival mode.The beasts in ancient times are more in survival mode.

Survival mode of Far Cry Primal: Tips on Survival Guide

followed these tips to get you through the Survival mode in Far Cry Primal:

  • Your health is reduced. so watch every step of at enemies and hostile animals that can injure you.
  • Get used to the idea that you have to pass through the country longer to discover resources, animals or other people.
  • Also your inventory has become smaller. So do not take with everything you can find, but probed from.
  • At night and in the caves, it is now darker. So you have to be more careful.
  • Your hunters view is limited. So note that you can not see any predators that. only then will they appear in your vision hunters when they attack you.
  • Alligators, snakes and Beißfische not display your fighter look. so be careful in the Close to water!

So is her winter clothes in Far Cry Primal

  • a to tame the beast, you have to you fight them until their health drops below half at least.
  • Dying your companions, they no longer come back. Of course you can tame you new beasts. On Bloodfang Säbelzahntiger but not spawn again on the map. Do you want to bring him back, you have to completely restart the game.
  • The epic beasts are harder to find. Do you have a unique animal found and tamed, let not always forward dash, so it does not lose as much health.
  • The Strength and health points of the beasts reduced Service. However, unique animals still have the same values.
  • Your owl can attack any more enemies. In addition, it also drops any more bombs.
  • Primitives healing is no longer as effective. So watch your health and you craftet other healing properties. However, the need still more plants for the production.
  • You should the Quick travel feature use only in an emergency.
In Survivor mode, it will be easier for you to build huts for the villagers.In Survivor mode, it will be easier for you to build huts for the villagers.

  • The persistence display is your strongest opponents. Run, climb, swim and even fight draws you from Stamina.
  • the bar is below 25 percent, can you not traveling fast. In addition, you have problems in aiming weapons from this value.
  • Stamina can you also charge by eating. but that does not bring much. Therefore attempts to sleep.
  • But one thing you will help the Survivor mode: your needs fewer materials for crafting (Except healing properties) and also requires fewer resources to expand your village. So you concentrate primarily on.
  • Listen carefully to your surroundings. Based on sounds learn her where danger lurks. Sit on the best headphones.
  • Have you survived the mode, waiting for a special reward on you.

These capabilities are locked in survival mode

For Takkar it more difficult to gain ability points. Moreover, some skills locked. We list you on below what skills can no longer use her,

  • Collection capabilities
    • Commodity Discovery
    • Plant Discovery
    • Revive Beast
  • Beastmaster skills
    • Owl: weapons-shedding
    • Owl: I attack & II
    • Owl: I Ausruhzeit & II
  • Survival skills
    • Improved Health II & IV
    • Primitive Healing I
The villagers are not always helpful. (Artwork by Steam users 威廉霍 华)The villagers are not always helpful. (Artwork by Steam users 威廉霍 华)

All features of Far Cry Primal at a glance finds its gamona.de. Do you need more general tips? Our Beginner's Guide to Tips and tricks for beginners, But even professionals find it elsewhere.

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