Skate 4: Does the return of skateboarding simulation before?

After more than botched launch of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 reputation grew louder among fans of skateboarding simulations for a skate. 4 Were the answers prayer now?

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It may be just a rumor, but this message could skate pro and Aight * founder Christoph Schröder sure to please. In September, he was sitting with us at the test to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 and stressed how much he would want a new part of the Skate series from EA. For months germinate again and again rumors that the wishes of him and probably all other skateboarding enthusiasts the world could come true. Not rule but has until now EA that have already supplied us the previous three parts. Whether there will be ever a skate 4, is unclear even now, but rumors are often a reality.

So good was Skate 3

And the latest Munkeleien to skate 4 reaching us from Down Under. There is, in many other parts, video game distributors that also have online stores. And in the online shop of the largest home entertainment retailer JB Hi-Fi Skate 4 could recently be pre-ordered for a short time. The now long since returned remote entry of the Australian dealer offered not only an indication that EA has finally answered the prayers of skateboarding fans, but also the first details and even a release date. Thus Skate 4 will be released on August 23, 2016th If you decide to buy the Xbox One version of the simulation, obtained thanks to the backwards compatibility of the console also equal Skate 3 for free.

PewDiePie Skate 3 gave a second spring

Of course it may be that JB Hi-Fi has just made a mistake, a confirmation there are not too, but only yesterday we received from Australia a now officially confirmed rumor. Perhaps the announcement of Skate 4 is yes before already and the dealer only had one quick tip to finger (there are, after all, a very large time difference to the United States). But we know more probably by 23 August, when Skate 4 to appear, according to the entry.

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