Hancock 2: What about the superhero sequel?

Superman, Batman, Spiderman - all the smooth, nice superheroes can pack when Hancock comes around the corner. It is true that John Hancock is equipped with super powers, as a person but constantly irritated and drunken criminals hunter is not a role model. 2008 inspired a different kind of hero moviegoers since fans waiting to Hancock. 2

Are there any hopes or plans for a Hancock 2 release?

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Hancock 2? Will Smith and Charlize Theron were doing

Hardly a big movie name, which is not speculation about a sequel or even a sequel / prequel has also been implemented. The first part grossed over 600 million dollars, while the production cost was only 150 million US dollars - a success that is, for the production team. All the more surprising that nine years after the release of no sequel is still appeared to Hancock. the superhero was about already buried?

HancockImage: Sony Pictures

No, actually there by Peter Berg, the director of the first part, plans for a second Hancock film. Shortly after the release of Part 1 was first thought about "Hancock 2". Both Will Smith and Charlize Theron should as already play the first part. This is also one of the main reasons why Hancock 2, it has not been done out beyond the planning stage. Both Smith and Theron's schedules are full, so no time for the filming of Hancock 2 can be cleared.

Hancock 2: The desire is there, not plans

Peter Berg himself says:

"If we all times manage to be together at the same time in the same room to auszukaspern the script, then we will do the film."

Hancock 1Image: Sony Pictures

Ideas there would be enough, both Smith Mountain also had numerous proposals for storylines, but currently a professional elaboration by a producer lacking here.

Also in 2017 the ambitions to Hancock 2 are very high, but advanced plans do not exist currently. On YouTube find Although several alleged trailer for Hancock 2, these are, however, merely misnamed compilations of fans.


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