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Sport1 can be seen in various ways on the Internet. We show you how you can enjoy on your PC or smartphone legally and without restrictions Sport1. *

look Sport1 Live Stream legal &# 8211; without restrictions and also in HD

On the web there are various ways through which one transmitter &Sport1; # 8220&# 8243; can watch online live stream and thereby comes football, handball and more without cable or satellite TV to enjoy darts.

see Sport1 online*

&# 8220; TV movie live&# 8221; launched in mid 2015. The streaming service that runs under the well-known TV Guide, has numerous TV channels in the program, including Sport1. The live stream is here in free &# 8220; Free&# 8221; package ready for retrieval. All that is required for the reception is to subscribe. Costs do not to receive the Sport1 live streams, after the registration also has a time-limited access to the premium package of the service.

Magine is a TV streaming service from Sweden, which is also available in Germany since spring, 2014. After registering the retrieval of numerous TV channels over the Internet for calling you is ready, so the Sport1 live stream at Magine.

Click here for the Sport1 HD live stream*

So, there are over 100 German channels, with inter alia: ARD, ZDF, ProSieben, RTL, euro sport and many more. Even pay TV channels such as Sony Entertainment Network or Cartoon Network can stream.

Magine is available for free, but then has limited functionality: What a transformation after a trial period in which you can stream the complete program for free, only the public service broadcasters continue to see if we add dates no additional package. Automatic cost not incurred. Sport1 is part of the basic package. This can be tested for free after registration, then a monthly amount falls (currently € 4.99, as of October 2016) to. In this way you get the Sport1 live stream in HD quality on the screen. The Magine apps you see the sports program on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.

3122578magine TV

Magine TV Free StreamingIn the test phase one also has free access to the sports 1Live stream, even the HD version.

So you can start very quickly live stream Sport1 with the help of Magine:

  1. Here you come to the site of Magine: Click here for the Sport1 live stream*
  2. Created you therefore your own account *.
  3. Download the apps for iOS and Android: Magine


Learn more about Magine TV:

Magine you can on the Mac, PC, smartphone and use iOS. Read our other articles on Magine:

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If the test phase is over, one must first pay anything. The offer is automatically reduced, it is only the live streams of public broadcasters available. Only if you add an additional package booked explicit costs are incurred.

Zattoo for Mac Product ImageSo you can receive Sport1 Online Stream

Magine is of course not the only option that you can view Sport1 online. Sport1 offers on the website to a separate live stream, which can be accessed directly in the browser. With the appropriate apps can the Sport1 stream also comfortable on Android, View IOS devices and Kindle Fire TV. Access to Stream is free, registration is not necessary.

SPORT1 Video & amp; Live streamdownloadQR codeSPORT1 video & Live streamDeveloper: Sport1 GmbHPrice: Free SPORT1 Video, Sport Clips, Live Streaming TVdownloadQR codeSPORT1 video, sports clips, live stream & TVDeveloper: SPORT1 GmbH *Price: Free

For 24-hour streaming radio station*

  • The Magine Alternatives Zattoo and TV Spielfilm live have the transmitter in its offer.
  • Both services Sport1-Live-Stream is part of the free offer.
sport1-streamThe transmitter offers on its own website a 24-hour stream of free.

Even with Beautiful television Sport1 a stream is offered. In contrast to the above options, however, the service works with the peer-to-peer technology. This means that your bandwidth is used for this purpose to provide the video content available to other users. On the one hand loaded your upload channel, on the other hand you spread the copyrighted television program without the consent of the license holder, Sport1, on the Internet. While no warnings are not yet known by the reputation of the streams on the page, but who wants to watch TV online rates, any of the above, properly legal alternatives should be preferred.

Highlights in the program of Sport1 include the live games in hockey from the DEL and CHL. In winter, the Darts World Championship attracts many sports fans in front of the screen, while on Mondays live football is shown in the top game of the second division. For some time, also holds Sport1 the free TV rights for the broadcasting of &# 8220; Europe League&# 8221 ;. Football fans should also check the web site of in the browser as a bookmark. Here you can at all Bundesliga match days live stream free to the football games in the stream via online radio on.

What to do with missed shipment?

If you can not even watch the show because you are prevented, you can also simply contact the online video recorder Save.TV *. The new streaming service Waipu.TV works similarly. Here you get both the live stream of Sport1 and the ability to record programs online to view them at a later date.

record TV progam with SaveTV*

watch TV progam with Waipu.TV online and take*

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