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SWTOR gets Knights of the Fallen Empire donated a brand new add-on. Enlargement brings an entirely new third faction, the Empire of Zakuul into play and both the Republic and the Sith Empire are threatened by the newcomers alike and fights. We show you everything what we have learned so far about the new Diablo add-on.


Knights of the Fallen Empire is the fifth great add-on for Star Wars - The Old Republic are, and compared to the previous extensions such as Rise of the Hutt Cartel or Shadow of Revan to shake the SWTOR galaxy in the very foundations of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Because with the Empire of Zakuul a completely new fraction is introduced into Bioware's online role-playing game, which prostrates mercilessly both the Sith Empire and the Republic without distinction.

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SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire &# 8211; A Story for All

Therefore, your character loses his current position as a Jedi Master, Sith council member or special forces commander and is simply a "stranger", the veterans of the Great Galactic War, which is eingefrohren shortly after the start of the add-ons in carbonite and only wakes up years later &# 8211; are done as a republic and empire long ago. And since we do not want to sit idly by as our respective native of the kingdom of Zakuul is enslaved, we are allowed to play for the release of Knights of the Fallen Empire already nine chapters of the new story.

swtor-fall-empire03With the invasion of the Empire of Zakuul it comes to the Sith and the Republic alike to the collar.

After all, unlike in the previous update policy, the story of SWTOR is told with the trap Empire expansion into episodes, so much like the living history of Guild Wars 2. It is therefore probably only be a single storyline that for all characters level 60 applies, but perhaps there will be small differences of detail, depending on whether your hero was before Imperial or Republican.

swtor-fall-empire01The Thexan brothers and Arcann lead the Knights of Zakuul into battle.

Furthermore, Bioware will grant you an already completed Heroes at level 60, so you can get started right away in Knights of the Fallen Empire. And if you rather would like to pull up a character can collect twelve times more experience in class missions on 27 October to release the add-on. This will, incidentally, again revise thoroughly Bioware. At level 60, incidentally, did not finish one, because with the add-on, the level cap will be raised to the 65th

Coop missions desirable

And most likely we will finally see in Knights of the Fallen Empire co-op missions between imperial players and Republicans. But perhaps the fractions Empire and Republic Bioware creates quite off when we reach level 60, so that our hero can move freely across the galaxy.

swtor-fall-empire04Already in Shadow of Revan fought republic and empire together against Revan.

This measure was not explicitly announced by Bioware, but the co-op missions would at least facilitate strong. Or maybe there are special zones for the "strangers" from where their operations and missions against the common enemy starts.

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire - Back to its former strength

One reason for the early success of Diablo was the excellent storytelling that was so had not yet occurred in an MMO. And was a reason for the speedy descent from SWTOR that we mitbekamen virtually nothing about the great story in Endgame. Rather, it was the typical MMO standard fare with raids, PvP and Daily Quests.

swtor-fall-empire09The Endgame of SWTOR was previously MMO standard fare with many raids.

But already some fresh wind came with the add-on Rise of the Hutt Cartel back into the far, far away galaxy and later with Shadow of Revan, even was the class story spun out somewhat. But all in all, Bioware sets for several months more emphasis on story in SWTOR and Knights of the Fallen Empire is the game for quite storytelling MMO including a vibrant, ongoing story.

In addition, your decisions will have lasting consequences, for example if you support a particular faction, your hero will meet in the future there more goodwill. And if a certain NPC dies, he will naturally be missing for the rest of the story. In addition, you shall travel in the best Mass Effect 2-style through the universe and recruit allies against Zakuul, including five new companion!

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire - How do I get the new add-on?

Knights of the Fallen Empire can not be pre-ordered yet purchased in classic style. Rather, get all subscribers who have not earlier than October 27, the day of release of the add-ons, a subscription, enlargement and the first nine chapters at no additional cost.

swtor-fall-empire05Knights of the Fallen Empire attracts a number of new locations.

These chapters are allowed also to keep her when her your subscription ends later, but new chapter - and it should appear that from 2016 every month, you only get as subscriber. If you then also retain or are allowed only play as a subscription payers, but is not yet known.

More content for subscribers

Although SWTOR is a Free2play-game, but it is Bioware with the new add-on again amplified to subscribers. After paying players get some great goodies, namely the equipment cool Smuggler Nico Okarr from the old SWTOR trailer if they can consistently demonstrate a subscription.

swtor-fall-empire10The cool smugglers in space cowboy look, Nico Orkarr was previously seen only in the first SWTOR trailer. Now you get him and his stuff as a companion!

Also, you get their early access to Knights of the Fallen Empire, when you have until October 20 from 1 August a subscription. The early access is at its latter date. In the following chart we show you what rewards you get as a subscriber of the date:

August 1, 2015Nico Okarr as companion
September 1, 2015Blasterset Nico Okarr
1 October 2015Dustcoat Nico Okarr
October 20, 2015Swoop Bike Mount
Subscription from 1 August to 20 OctoberEarly access to Knights of the Fallen Empire
October 27, 2015Regular access to the first nine chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire, as well as free access to the previous add-ons Rise of The Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan

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