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With BlueScreenView Download you is a program available that you after a system crash (blue screen) provides information about the causes of which are available.

Of the BlueScreenView Download scans all minidump files created during a system crash. In these Windows stores the state of the system at the time of the crash. This information provides the BlueScreenView Download is in a clear table. This contains the name of each mini-dump file, date and time of the crash, and the basic crash information (Bug Check Code and four parameters).

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In addition, details are shown to drivers or modules, the or caused the crash probable hole. In this file name, product name, file description, and file version are displayed. For each crash or entry in the table you detailed information about the device driver can call that was loaded during the crash.

For BlueScreenView a voice file is provided by the manufacturer, by means of which you can use the program in German. Invite you down to this end, the Blue Screen View-language file and unpack them. The extracted INI file copied thereafter continue in the program directory of BlueScreenView.

Tip: The information displayed by BlueScreenView unlock them well in a web search engine to quickly reach help. If you want to call the manufacturer of your computer, the hotline, the information is also useful for this purpose.

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