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AVG PC TuneUp download you can clean up your PC and improve its performance. Furthermore, the program extended by its optimization measures the battery life of notebooks and prevents system crashes.

Note: Here you can download yourselves the limited 14-day trial of AVG PC TuneUp. Do you want to use the optimization program permanently, you acquire the full version of AVG PC TuneUp.

AVG PC TuneUp Download: This optimization functions offered by the program package

A higher speed of the PC reaches the AVG PC TuneUp download different functions: Turbo mode will turn off unnecessary functions, while the program activation prevents resources from unused programs are used. The StartUp Optimizer and the StartUp Manager accelerate the startup of the PC. With the Uninstall Manager you uninstall programs you no longer use, while the disk defragmentation speeds up access to the hard drive.

Note: AVG PC TuneUp is actually the successor to the popular TuneUp Utilities, which is also still available.


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The release of storage space by AVG PC TuneUp Download uses a number of functions: The Duplicate Finder finds and deletes duplicate files while the Disk Space Explorer finds the 100 largest files on your computer and gives you the possibility of extinction. The browser clener deleting old or corrupted files in the browser, while the Windows Cleaner unwanted Windows features that consume memory disabled.

With the economy mode AVG PC TuneUp reduces energy consumption and increases the battery life of your notebook. By cleaning up the registry and finding and fixing hard drive problems, the program also provides for fewer crashes your computer.

AVG PC TuneUp can perform optimization operations in the background, for example, various optimization measures in the background are set in motion by the 1-Click Maintenance.

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AVG PC TuneUp also contains various tools, which you can use to optimize your system. These include the Process Manager and the Registry Editor, which gives you an overview of running processes or you can edit the registry with. The Performance Report provides you with advice in improving performance of your computer and there are several other useful tools like Shredder for residue-free delete files and Undelete to recover accidentally deleted files.

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