Bioshock Walkthrough Cheats, Walkthrough

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"Bioshock" shipped off the player after a plane crash in the underwater city of Rapture that was one hostel modern genetic engineering and biological improvements. But this utopia, what it was for some, turned out to be a nightmare. Everything went out of control and the city in a unique and atmospheric Art Deco style, is now ruled by wrong and extremely dangerous inhabitants, who are also each other's throats. The protagonist it is up to yourself whether he uses the genetic improvement, or it keeps its distance. Even moral decisions will be taken, one assassinates the Little Sisters after do the Big Daddy has its powerful protector in order to get the precious ADAM, that substance which is responsible for DNA mutations, or to save them from their miserable existence? "Bioshock" takes the player into a psychological thriller for himself playing and scores with a fantastic tight and harmonious atmosphere.

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