So you managed Internet access for Hamachi

With LogMeIn Hamachi one has an application on the computer with which can be create a virtual LAN network. Annoying it if indeed the installation and starting the program without errors, but then have problems with the Internet access in LogMeIn Hamachi is.

With Hamachi computers can be connected at any location with an Internet connection within a virtual LANs. Typically, the Internet access for Hamachi is given immediately after installation, without having to make settings yourself.

resolve problems with Hamachi and the Internet access

Select "Control Panel Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center" menu, to change the "adapter settings". Check here if the network connection is enabled with the designation "Hamachi". If the monitor icon appears gray, right click it and select "Enable". also open by right-clicking the "Properties". Access the Internet with Hamachi the hook with "Interprotkoll Version 6 TCP / IP / IPv6 should&# 8243; be removed. The Internet Protocol Version 4 you should configure on the "Properties" even for proper Internet access from Hamachi. Under the "Advanced TCP / IP Settings" check "Automatic metric" is removed. In the "Interface metric", The value is set to" 10 ". In another step to edit the "Gateway". Again, the check "Automatic metric" is removed.logmein-hamachi-inter-access enable

For the "metric" will be taken the value "1500". The settings are confirmed with "OK". Back in the window for the network settings help to the mi "Alt" accessed through the "Advanced" menu, the "Advanced Settings". In the "connections" Hamachi the connection is brought to the uppermost position by means of arrow keys. Restart the computer for the settings to take effect.

Now open the LogMeIn Hamachi program and select from the menu bar "Network". Now you should "Create New Network" or "Join existing network" an already can.logmein-hamachi-internet access-connection

If problems with Hamachi still occur when Internet access also should the firewall settings be checked to see whether possible settings block Internet access from Hamachi.

To enable solutions Hamachi internet access

In addition, the drivers for the network adapter should be brought up to date and the router will be rebooted for Hamachi receives an Internet access after problems occur. Partly Hamachi also has problems with the internet access when the Hamachi servers are busy. In this case, the user has no other choice than to show patience and to try to connect again later.

If the Hamachi application permanently have no Inter Access, uninstall the program completely, including its entries in the Windows registry and install Hamachi again in the latest version.


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