Nero 2016: short test and Platinum vs. Classic

Nero 2016 Platinum, the latest version of the multimedia suite was published in September. The package provides a round-supply for the processing and organization of media files on the PC. For this, a variety of tools available.

Nero 2016: short test and Platinum vs. Classic

After the start of Nero launcher, all tools can be opened easily with one click. The user interface is reminiscent of the tiles, which have found use in Windows 8.

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Nero 2016 Short Test

Nero was in recent years mainly known for its burning software, you want to address with the tool suite also in 2016 a larger group of users. Installation is thereby quickly and easily from the hand, the individual tools can be operated without extensive training. Nero 2016 offers a rich collection of tools for burning, edit, convert and manage media files on the hard disk.

New in the 2016er version the following features and applications are:

  • Support for 4K content
  • UPnP support
  • Nero Music recorder for recording from over 90,000 internet radio stations
  • New design templates
  • Audio filters



With the combustion tool to upload your videos, songs and other personal files write comfortably on CD, DVD and Blu-ray. The integrated Cover Designer provides various templates to also move the burned work visually in the right light. Those who want to burn songs on CD for the next drive that is accessible to an automatic sound improvement within the firing program.

Nero 2016 Short Test

In addition to the burning program following tools can be found in Nero 2016 Platinum:

ribs & Convert

To maintain your own music collection or DVD collection to be able to manage the PC, content from CDs, DVDs and even Blu-rays can ripped and stored on the hard drive. Thus, for leaves. B. increase the MP3 collection quickly and easily to protect the CD collection on the shelves.

Recode offers the option to convert media files into virtually any format available. Files that have been converted with the program can be processed directly with Nero.

Streaming Player

The streaming player offers the ability to record video, songs and photos from PC to a smartphone or tablet, a smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation and other platforms to be transferred.



you can access more than 90,000 Internet radio stations on the Music recorder. The program will also allow to save the songs as MP3 and burn directly to CD. Here, radio stations can be searched both by genre and region. In addition, songs from favorite bands can be searched specifically.


Nero Video you get a full-fledged video editing program. Also new is support for 4K video content. In addition to Nero in 2016, there is the appropriate iOS and Android apps. With the streaming player is brought about media content from the PC to the smartphone or tablet, Nero AirBurn allowed to burn discs via the WLAN.

Summary and comparison Classic vs. Platinum

The 2016 version of the Nero suite offers a beginner-friendly complete package for managing their own media library on a PC. Above all, the easy user interface and held the ordinary arsenal of supported formats can stand out in 2016 at Nero.

approach uses the less expensive Classic variant, the tool package can be used in its basic functions without any major restrictions. Will be without one Here, however, the 4K support and music features.


Those looking for a complete package that is not wrong with Nero 2016 Platinum. However, many of the features included in the software package can also be found in free tool - if not bundled in one package. In the free alternatives you must also make do usually with advertising within the user interface.


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