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With this freeware tool we can quickly saved passwords of many Windows programs crack in one fell swoop.

For convenience, we like to use the services of many programs to save the login information such as user name and password. Then we do not have to remember all the data to us. But this also has the disadvantage that everyone who comes to our PC, also has equal all our approaches. And then so is a tool to crack password and therefore shows us that everything is actually much worse!

PasswdFinder cracks almost all stored passwords

After downloading PasswdFinder will only be installed once. The program is not portable. Use caution when installing! If you let them just go through the tedious browser extension will be installed! Absolutely use and deselect this option, the user-driven installation.

passwdfinderThe PasswdFinder reads quickly all the stored passwords from

Once the program is installed, we can start it and it will immediately start a search. Mercilessly the hard drive is searched for all programs where PasswdFinder can crack the passwords and seconds later we get a creepy displayed list of programs and related user names and passwords in clear text. , Is scary how easily the reading went and how many times we always use the same data.

We can now save the list of passwords as HTML files, print them out and search targeted. In the settings you can toggle the supported programs or deselect to make the amount of the displayed access manageable. As you can see below, is pretty much doing any program of distinction. That should be the first attempt if you have installed a password.

The passwords of the following programs can crack PasswdFinder

Web browser:

Apple Safari, Flock, Google Chrome 1.x &# 8211; 6.x, Internet Explorer 4.x &# 8211; 9.x, Opera 6.x &# 8211; 11.x, Mozilla browser, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey.

E-mail programs:

Becky 2.x, Eudora / Eudora Light, Forte Agent 3.x, Gmail Notifier, Group Mail Free, IncrediMail, iScribe / nScribe 1.x, MailCommander 8.x, Mail.Ru Agent 4.x &# 8211; 5.x, Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.x &# 8211; 3.x, Opera e-mail client, PocoMail 3.x &# 8211; 4.x, POP Peeper 3.x, The Bat! 1.x &# 8211; 4.x, Vypress Auvis 2.x, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail

FTP programs:

32bit FTP, BitKinex 3.0.8, BulletProof FTP Client 1.x, 2.x, 2009 Classic FTP PC, CoffeeCup FTP 3.x, 2.x Core FTP, CuteFTP Home / Pro, DirectFTP, Directory Opus, ExpanDrive 1.8, FAR Manager 1.6x, 1.7x, 2.x, 1.x FFFTP, FileZilla 2.x, 3.x FlashFXP 1.x, Fling, FreeFTP, Frigate3 FTP 3.x, FTP Commander Pro / Deluxe, FTP Control 4 , FTP Navigator, FTP uploader, FTPExplorer 7.x FTPRush 1.x, LeapFTP, NetDrive, SecureFX, SmartFTP 1.x &# 8211; 4.x, SoftX FTP client TurboFTP 5.x &# 8211; 6.x, UltraFXP 1.x, Web Site Publisher 2.1.0, WebDrive, Windows / Total Commander 4.x &# 8211; 7.x, WinSCP, WS_FTP 5.x &# 8211; 10.x, 12 Home / Pro, 2007

Other Software:

Absolute Poker, Advanced Dialer 2.x, ASP.NET account, Cake Poker 2.0, 3.x CamFrog, Cisco VPN Client 5, ClubTimer 2.x, 1.x Dialer Queen, Download Master 4.x &# 8211; 5.x, EType Dialer 1.x, FlashGet (JetCar) 1.x, 2.x Flexiblesoft Dialer 4.x, 3.x Free Call, Full Tilt Poker, GetRight 5, Internet Download Accelerator 5, MuxaSoft Dialer 3.x &# 8211; 4.x, Party Poker, PC Remote Control, PokerStars, Punto Switcher 2.x, Remote Desktop Connection, Screensaver Win9x, The Bee 1.x, Titan Poker, upsmon 2.8, VDialer 3, Windows 9x Cached Network passwords, Windows Cached Credentials (.NET passport, domain and Network passwords), Windows remote Access service (RAS), VPN and dial-up passwords, WinVNC 3.x



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