Yo-Kai Watch! Every day on TV & amp; Live-Stream from 15:15 – First Season starts!

The new anime TV series Yo-Kai Watch! in Japan is one of the most successful entertainment brands: The Nintendo video game, toy figures and a TV series with dream rates. Since 09 May, the series is also seen in Germany now, complementing the European release of the Nintendo games on 29/04/2016. You see the series on Nickelodeon daily on TV & Live stream. All information here.

Here you can see the trailer for the first season:

1547Yo-Kai Watch! Season 1 Official Trailer

Yōkai Wotchi, youkai Watch or Yokai Watch is the Japanese for ghost / monster-AM and is the name of a video game, released for the first time in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, 2013. Players take on this game in the role of Nate and Nathan and looking in his home village Lenz Hausen to Yo-Kai. Thereby helping him said clock that has the ability to make the spirits known as Yo-Kai visible and to summon. A demo of the game can you download you at Nintendo, where her course many more about gameplay and action Yo-Kai Watch! place.

Here is the video game Yo-Kai Watch gibt`s!*


Yo-Kai Watch! The series on TV & watch online

The game was so successful in Japan, that there are numerous franchise products now. In addition to 10 million games sold, could be taken with toys and additional merchandise already over 2 billion euros. Especially children 6-12 love the stories about the boy with the special clock and the mysterious beings who like to prepare the people in everyday life so varied little annoyances.

The animated TV series is a great success and now runs daily in Germany, every Monday to Friday, from 15:10 and 15:15. The first season of the series comprises a total of 26 episodes, each 26 minutes in length.


If you have no TV or are not at home, you can still listen to the live episode, if you take advantage of the offer of a TV streaming provider as Magine it. With Magine their online access will get to all public stations and various private channels. The service you can try out for free * and announce monthly.

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yo-kai-watch premiere on TV and streamNickelodeon

missed episode? Repeat by Yo-Kai Watch Nickelodeon online

If you missed an episode, that's no problem because you may be able online on the homepage of Nickelodeon and stream. So now, for example, the first episode: Yo-Kai exist available online. Most likely you will be addicted relatively shortly after the consumption already, so it is very welcome that the consequences appear every day.

If you loved the series, there are of course the DVD the first season *Yo-Kai Watch! Every day on TV & amp; Live-Stream from 15:15 - First Season starts!, which will be released on 26 August 2016, 13 episodes. The second DVD with additional episodes will appear in October *Yo-Kai Watch! Every day on TV & amp; Live-Stream from 15:15 - First Season starts!.

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