Mobile Phone Cleaner: Aufräumer for iPhone and Android

Mobile Phone Cleaner necessary for Android to clean up the legacy of poorly programmed apps and delete garbage and temporary files. But the really meaningful? Meet some before and explain why you should be careful.

While computer hard drives are getting bigger, the space on mobile phones is never enough simply. Thousands of photos and videos, hundreds of apps and suddenly can not even update iOS is because the memory is full. In this case, two strategies will help the one hand, you can of course outsource pictures and store elsewhere. On the other hand, you help mobile Cleaner to completely delete unnecessary data and so again to give you some air.

 Our described below trick you can clear the cache without a cell phone cleaner on the iPhone:170503iPhone X in the Hands-On

What do mobile phone cleaner - and what is not?

In short delete mobile Cleaner apps unnecessary files. This very satisfactory statement only becomes interesting when one examines the data since last as an app for "superfluous". Most of the space such tools can shovel by clearing the cache. The cache consists of cached data, give them the apps or computer programs for later use. Often this is an unnecessary measure to speed up the launch of the app. Almost every app so creates a buffer and that can lead to insane amounts of data - most of which are unnecessary. 1 gigabyte or more in a fortnight are there not uncommon.

handy-cleaner-ccleanerThis mobile phone Cleaner can release over 1 GB!

More - superfluous Rated - data downloads, clipboard, empty folders or even the images sent, videos and voice messages from WhatsApp. The mindset is understandable: These are data that have already been used for their purpose and need not be kept.

But you should not rely on this assessment is absolutely correct and safe! For this reason, you should not use mobile phone cleaner that will do it all automatically and without Eingreifmöglichkeit. Good apps in this genre show you the files found on request and let you decide case by case what can away.

Also mobile optimizer that can monitor and improve application processes are supposed to be treated with caution. For example it is not effective to kill a process that exceed a certain amount of memory resources. This can lead to data loss. And usually, the mobile operating systems are designed so that they take over the storage management itself. No app gets more memory allocated when it deserves or she really needs. But a working app easy to close, can not be the intention of the user. Who wants that the Navi closes while driving or crash a video editing app in the middle?

What do mobile Cleaner

If you promise cell phone Cleaner to make the phone faster, then they lie mostly. The memory and process management, the mobile care alone. And to clear the cache makes no mobile phone faster - on the contrary. Because instead of being able to rely on previously stored data that apps need to create the data. This ensures that the currently still free of cleared cache fills up quickly again. And for this reason you should not use every day, but mainly when the place is really just as a mobile phone cleaner.

Start Photogallery(8 pictures)(Files Images) transfer data from your phone to the PC and vice versa: Mobile

Recommended Mobile Phone Cleaner for iPhone and Android phones

The Windows program CCleaner makes the computer a good job and admits surfing traces the trash and unnecessary vestige of the hard drive - on request even so sure that it can not recover.

Of the CCleaner for Android is clearly one of the better representatives of his profession. This mobile-Cleaner is free in its basic version, but provides an update to a Pro version. Which can then, for example, automatic cleaning cycles planner - but what we do not recommend for the above mentioned reasons anyway. a CCleaner for iPhone there is not, unfortunately - even if apps will make it appear again and again in order to benefit from the good name.

Who needs free space for new photos and something just want to clean up will be well served with this app!

CCleanerdownloadQR codeCCleanerDeveloper: PiriformPrice: Free

Is there any meaningful mobile Cleaner for iPhone?

Those looking for the AppStore for a mobile-Cleaner for iPhone or iPad will not find so many offers by far and for the same reason that there is no CCleaner for iPhone: Apple missed all its devices and operating systems so restrictive access barriers, that the apps and programs do not come close to the garbage. Accordingly, all the ever-find apps are quite disappointing. Most cell phone Cleaner are just able to find duplicate images and delete them.

Magic-Phone Cleaner iphoneAs Cell Phone Cleaner is a joke: Magic Phone Cleaner

Apps like Magic Phone Cleaner *Mobile Phone Cleaner: Aufräumer for iPhone and Android To delete the cache and increase the storage space. They show you also nice success stories. But when they're done, nothing has changed: The available memory is still as great.

A little tip - Cache clean if iPhone and iPad

iOS devices do not need a mobile phone cleaner, just to clear the cache. That you can do it yourself:

  • First presses the switch-off button until the slide appears to turn on the display.
  • Then hold the button down and now presses at the same time for about 5 seconds on the home button.

Then, the screen clears and the cache has been deleted. This can be useful for example if an app does not start or hangs over again. Something is often due to corrupted cache data that you delete this trick.

Mobile cleaner for Windows

Mobile cleaner for Windows? Do not worry, it's not about Windows phones, but programs that run on a Windows PC and clean mobile phones want connected to the computer via USB.

Usually, however, these tools are not free. So you promises, for example Phone Clean, clean up the iPhone thoroughly. There is a trial version, but the "just acts as if". It analyzes, shows results, but the real mobile cleaning you have to pay. Even the iDevice Manager will help you in data management and create space - as well as many other programs. For Android, there are not as many Windows Mobile Phone Cleaner, because here comes as a user anyway easily to the data and directories.


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