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A platonic friendship can only function every time the two friends have no romantic interest in each other. Felt, however, it is far more common that only one of deuces has no butterflies in my stomach, the other one ends up in the case often in the infamous Friend Zone.

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What is the Friend Zone?

The "Friend Zone" - in German as "Friendship Zone" - describes a very specific scenario between two friends. In this one of the two has a (partly coated) romantic interest, but the other person wants to "just be friends".

Friendzone CoverThe reasons for the lack of romantic interest of another person may be veifältig: Perhaps the first person is just not his or her type, you do not want to risk the good friendship or one is forgiven simply been (happy).

It is often speculated that very nice and kind-hearted (or gullible) friends are sent to the Friend Zone, as they have proved by their behavior as a true friend. The opposite would then lose this friend reluctant, if the relationship does not work out as required.

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The Friend Zone Meme

From the Friend Zone scenario, the Friend Zone Meme has become by towed self-deprecating about the single status or typical phrases and particularly painful "baskets" are recorded in image forming.

In a very similar league and the "Forever alone" -Memes and "Forever alone" culture play that deal with the "eternal" single life.


Origin of the term "Friend Zone"

The term "Friend Zone" (or "Friend Zone") is due to the US sitcom "Friends" (1994). In the seventh episode of the first season of "Dark Passion" (original title: The One With The Blackout ") Joey warns his friend Ross that he concealed his feelings for Rachel too long and now in the" would be stuck Friend Zone ".

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Quote from Friends

German: "[...] because you have waited too long with your advance and now you're on the friendly rail devices."

English: "[...] Because You waited to long to make your move and now you&# 8217; re in the friend zone. "

Source: Joel Telling (CC) & Stephen Nakatani (CC), edited Thomas Kolkmann

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