Dead Space 3 review: From this game you get the screaming

Around eight hours have passed and I look at the clock. How long for? For about six hours, I already do not want to, was at first shocked, then angry and now wants just yet that it finally stops. It's one of those moments in the life of a journalist Games where the hobby became a profession, degenerates to annoying work. That this is a game series whose debut I adored, makes it any better.

Dead Space 3 review: From this game you get the screaming

"Dead Space 3" is the thing, a game (but experienced) on which one could well be curious sequel to a great first part and the still very good. Until the E3 2012, was announced a co-op as a highlight and dipped the presentation in the purest Action thunderstorm. Of course, the inclined fan rightly asks whether that would still be "Dead Space".

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Is not it! Of course, the cornerstones are still present. The delightfully disgusting Necromorph are in it, the markers of goo and the "strategic dismemberment". But where once attended threatening mood lighting and excellent sound but creeping terror, to Visceral Games has now agreed on game design for obtuse. Whenever Step into a room it here, you just throw you a dozen opponent's head and on we go.

Maybe the terror is to create (see Resident Evil), but it makes me a headache. And not because of the concept, but because it does not work. Isaac, who still controls like a tank that is too rigid to income, the weapon handling, the magazines too quickly, the damage is too low. Many battles degenerate into desert contortions because scurry the recently extremely nimble Necromorphs in an instant all around you.

There is no question that the mere repetition of the twice-tested recipe would not have taken care of enthusiasm. But this change is not evolution, but simply wrong. He plays frustrating wear out in no time and works better in each class third-person shooter. The new cover system is completely unnecessary, but the opponents are simply too stupid. The AI ​​of human adversary is even a disaster.

Dead Space 3 review: From this game you get the screamingDead Space 3 review: Not only Necromoprhs imagine your path.

The new crafting system, the EA will also attract real money from the pockets of the players (for the really good weapons are so expensive that it could not afford us), ensures that even in the late game even from each standard opponents several annoying minutes delayed.

And when it comes thick already, then just right: Besides all the defects now even the cull actually in "Dead Space 2" backtracking find their way back into the game. Again and again you send the game back and forth at the end of the game you traveled some corridors and rooms three times and more. And why do I always do this before (!) Door is always and always waiting for several seconds until it goes? So the Umhergerenne sometime for Ultra Qual.

And still you are no more than mere errand boy for the little guy in the ear by radio signal, it is then "Turn the power back on. And now the elevator. Oh, now the power is off. Go mend the gas line. "A lot of not I expect the quests of an action title, but a minimum level of motivation should produce them already. Puzzles, there are even again, but that could solve my cereal bowl.

"Dead Space" still can not project themselves. The plot is redundant, especially since they already work only on radio calls. Scenes are few and if, practically nothing happens. The rare story highlights, then go even bathe &# 8211; even the emotional moment dissipated just as it is transported only over the rushing crackling an intercom signal.

Dead Space 3 review: From this game you get the screamingDead Space 3 review: Bye Horror, hello Action

Then what is it at all, which "Dead Space 3" still accounts? What can it? Well, as fans of sci-fi horror like "Alien" or "Event Horizon" enjoy Tobi (who has also played it) and I the atmosphere. Part 3 has a few setpieces that are full of atmosphere, although one of them already knows many of its predecessors. The soundtrack is again great, unfortunately, light and sound are no longer relevant. "Dead Space 3" is graphically succumbed to the limitations of the current console generation.


When Dead Space was published in 2008, I wrote in my effusive review: ". One of the few games that I want to continue urgently" Today, only five years later, I would like for my old thoughts just slaps. How could I be so naive and believe that this series would remain just as raw, impetuous and unused, as it began ...

EA has made a mark in this former horror pearl, neatly trimmed to mass appeal after any trace of soul or heart were removed. The claustrophobic horror has given way to a dull banging that once fascinating mix of grotesque design and dense atmosphere has changed the routine without change, without wit.

"Dead Space 3" strongly resembles thus to "Resident Evil 6" - this is now only a shadow of himself, the well can only love series newcomers. However: Dead Space and its game mechanics were designed for incisive action that no longer works in the new garb terror - more than frustration is not the end. And a renewed call: Please EA, listens to continue on this game - after all, you have just used two games times to turn a masterpiece a disaster. Good job.

Rating: 69%


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