iPhone X: Why will Apple founder Wozniak have none

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the iPhone X. However, there is a prominent exception: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does not want to have to buy the equipment to start. Here, "Woz" had previously participated iPhone upgrade.

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Apple co-founder will not (yet) iPhone X

Steve "Woz" Wozniak, although long gone employed by Apple - but still an Apple customer. Although Wozniak has spoken in the past repeatedly quite also critical of the company he previously decided but with every generation iPhone at a purchase on the day of publication. The iPhone X will be different for the first time.

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During the conference "Money 20/20" said Wozniak that he wanted to wait and see and look at the iPhone X detail. Currently he is still skeptical that the Touch ID successor Face ID will actually work as good as Apple claims. Since the iPhone X without a home button gets along sets Apple is well known to a face recognition instead of a fingerprint sensor.

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"Woz" is happy with his iPhone 8

Interestingly, Wozniak but bought an iPhone 8 - the disdain many customers waiting to iPhone X. Wozniak said he was "happy" with his iPhone 8, seen from this but not outstanding enthusiastic: The iPhone 8 was "the same as an iPhone 7, and that is the same as an iPhone 6".

For Wozniak however, it will not be difficult to examine the iPhone X, and then perhaps to opt for a purchase: His wife will buy equal to the release date on November 3 a.

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