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With the Personal Backup download you get a little backup program to back up your personal data.

Of the Personal Backup Download is a sleek backup tool that is intended to secure the personal data of daily work, that is, Documents, source code, images, etc. A loss of this data meets the user usually very hard, because they are restoring either not at all or only with great expenditure of time by hand.

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Personal Backup

Preventing with the Personal Backup download data loss

The operating system and the applications they need, however, can be rebuilt with considerable indeed, but still reasonable time from the original disks. With the Personal Backup download to your data in directories and subdirectories can be saved manually or automatically and compress on request and encrypt via AES. It is also possible to back up only certain types of files or perform any filtering by file name, as well as the program also takes as many backup jobs counter that can then be performed either automatically or manually. In addition, these orders can be selectively controlled via the Windows Task Scheduler internal.

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Intelligent data protection with zero overhead

Through a review before each backup process makes Personal Backup ensures that only those items are backed up during a new backup of the same files and directories, where changes have been made since the last backup. Advanced users can also configure full, incremental and differential backups in the context of changing plans.

  • optional encryption
  • Various filters available
  • Backup scheduling possible with the Windows Task Scheduler
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