Android 5.0: How do you use the face detection by Lollipop

Do you use to lock your Android phones a password with more than 18 characters? Rotates ye away from all prying eyes, you turn your PIN eingebt to unlock smartphone and tablet. Security is unfortunately still a not particularly taken seriously thing when it comes to mobile phones and Co.. Fortunately, Android leads 5.0 a feature a, that's pretty certain: The improved face recognition.

Android 5.0: How do you use the face detection by Lollipop

Yes, new is not. The face recognition feature already existed in older versions of Android, but in Lollipop it has been revised significantly again and runs no longer &# 8220; low security&# 8221 ;. In contrast to the fingerprint scanner of some new equipment, it is moreover also less fallible. How can you set up as Unlocking possibilities the hidden feature, you ask? Well, we have the answer ready for you.

Face Detection: Safe unlock mechanism set up thanks to Android 5.0

Was it even possible in previous versions of Android, just above settings > personalization > The lock screen Face Unlock-select feature or face recognition, it is now linked to Android 5.0 with a further step.

Before you can choose the option that is, you must first choose to unlock any of the other options.

  1. Make your way through Settings > personalization > Lock screen in the selection
  2. Selects and confirms one of the options (pattern, PIN, password)
  3. Once done, you can watch the Smart Lock-Select option in you absorb a familiar face (in the best case, your own)lollipop-FaceLock

To check whether your Face Unlock've set up correctly, you can check it now easily.

  1. Locks your smartphone or tablet
  2. At the bottom of the display you now see a padlock indicating that you have at least successfully completed the facial recognition
  3. Pushes the lock to the side
  4. Face recognition should thanks to Android 5.0 now go much more quickly
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So it optimizes the Face Recognition beard, glasses etc.

A car accident, Halloween or darkest night should probably be factors to refrain from face recognition. In the event that you carry now and then a pair of glasses or a beard you grow within half a day, you can options for Gesichtserkunng adapt but still.

Simply place yourselves back into the settings of the Enhanced Face Detection and let yourself be photographed from different positions and with your accessories (possibly stubble). From then on problems of non-recognition in face recognition should no longer occur.


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