Minecraft: why there is not (yet) the second part

A fortune was Microsoft jump Minecraft last year for Mojang and the blocks game. Despite the large sum, there are to develop a second part no move. The vice president of Microsoft Studios explains why.

Minecraft: why there is not (yet) the second part

Each LEGO player may have ever thought to try the blocks game Minecraft. Just as the real plastic bricks, the Swedish game promises a lot of room for creativity in a world made entirely of cubes. Not for nothing it is with more than 70 million sales, the third most successful game ever. Also knows Microsoft and made the past year a whopping 2.5 billion US dollars loose to buy Minecraft and its associated studio Mojang from Stockholm.

Even then, all asked what the software company intends to do with Mojang and why they have spent so much money. Speculation spoke quickly that there might be a follow up to Minecraft, a second part. Instead, however, it seems at present absolutely no evidence to give on developing Minecraft 2.0. Rather, expect soon a developed by Telltale story mode, a HoloLens version and recently published a Windows 10 version. Maybe even be offshoots for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS follow. And that is also the reason why there is still no successor.

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That was at least the Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Matt Booty know. In an interview, he commented on the current plans around Minecraft, stressing that colleagues from Stockholm and Redmond are currently focused on continuing to develop the game step by step. This means that only the updates and enhancements are pending before ever thought about Minecraft 2.0. The primary goal was in the process to bring Minecraft as a play on all existing platforms and possibly to expand it, as it is complementary of Mojangs CEO Jonas Mårtensson. A first approach hereof is the current Windows 10 beta, the first time enables the players of two platforms (Windows 10 and Mobile) to play together.

Furthermore, there is still a MinecraftEdu version that is designed specifically for teachers and schools. In the past, the game has been used in schools in order to make the subject matter more accessible. Currently, more than 5,500 teachers in 40 countries worldwide MinecraftEdu. This enthusiasm is also the reason why Minecraft still stands despite competition from, for example, LEGO Worlds undisputed leader and will continue to grow.

If and when perhaps still a Minecraft 2.0 is created, that remains to be seen. Currently, there are also the first part enough to do to fill years hence. How about, for example, with a small hiking tour in the world?

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