Nintendo Switch: All information on the hardware of the new console

The Nintendo switch offers you a new experience in terms of consoles. She brings innovations in the field of hardware and especially battery time with them. yet it has its strengths and weaknesses. We show you what Nintendo has to offer and what hardware switch is in the details in it.

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Generally combines the Nintendo Switch the benefits of handheld and stationary consoles, so you may be able both on the road comfortably use at home. That fact alone, the hardware of normal console of both variants is different. In addition an advertised Online Member Services, with the can synchronize on the PC, Nintendo platforms and mobile devices their Nintendo games. In addition to general information, we ask you at the end of this article, all the key figures in our table before.

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Nintendo Switch: All information on the hardware of the new console

The Nintendo switch has a rechargeable battery, so you can go, or at home without permanent power connection gamble. The running time this should of 2.5 up to 6.5 hours be. The term depends on with which brightness you play. This is very high, the running time of only 2 hours and 37 minutes and at 50% brightness about 3 hours. Taxes can you the consoles in three different ways. Either you use the new Controller with the Joy-Con feature, the Pro Controller or do you use a integrated touch screen.

Nintendo Switch HardwareSuch is the new console from Nintendo: Switch!

A special feature are the new Joycon controller, which also offer you a motion sensor in addition to the typical action buttons. So you can gamble in some games Wii-style or as usual by pressing a button. But that was not enough, because there is still an infrared sensor for finger gestures, and an integrated HD rumble vibration motor. Screenshots and videos to be included on a separate button and you may be able then even edit and share.

Nintendo Switch HardwareNintendo switch provides many features of stationary and handheld consoles.

The Nintendo switch provides a internal memory of 32 GB and you can it also has MicroSD cards expand. In matters Multiplayer the console via WiFi with other Switch consoles can be connected. In addition, as mentioned, the online service for general multiplayer content. There is also a own dock, with which it your switch with a connect TV can. Then the two controllers together to own one Gamepad. Who does not like this really, can one Pro controller use, similar to what is more like a conventional gamepad.

Nintendo Switch MultiplayerON the Nintendo switch you can gamble simultaneously with multiple players.

Graphically provides a Nvidia mobile processor architecture Tegra with 1020 MHz for the right atmosphere, the GPU has however in the Dock 768 MHz and 382 MHz handheld only. The console has its own Physics engine and was designed so that the programming interfaces take as little resources.

Basic data of the hardware of the Nintendo Switch

Besides all the special features of the Nintendo switch and the new mechanics of a console, there is some information that we want to summarize for you on the Swich:

Key datainformation
  • Console: 297 g
  • Controller with: 398 g
size102mm x 239 mm x 13.9 mm
CPUNVIDIA Tegra processor
ScreenTouch screen with 6.2-inch LCD
resolution1280 x 720
system memory32 GB
Video Output
  • 1920 x 1080 (60 fps)
  • HDMI cable for TV
  • 1280 x 720 in Handheld mode
Audio OutputLinear PCM 5.1
USB portUSB Type-C (also for charging at the switch station)
battery packLithium-ion battery / capacity: 4310 mAh
Battery lifeSix hours (depending on the software)
charging timeThree hours
card slotOnly Nintendo switch software maps
communication functions
  • Bluetooth
  • LAN (only with adapter)

The Nintendo switch has a extremely quiet fan, which are not running too hot the console. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances it reaches a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius at one point, but only in dock. As Portable they recorded a Maximaltemparatur of 42 degrees Celsius.

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